Running & Pizza

What a great weekend. What a great end of a week that was full of lots of hours of work and events for work. Lots of great food was eaten, a great run was had, and people I love were seen. Greatness all around.

Friday morning started out with Jillian Michaels & Caitlin, as most of my mornings do, and a 4.45 mile run. Friday night I had dinner at one of the only bad restaurants I’ve encountered since moving to NYC. Actually, there was one other, but this one really takes the cake. The plan was to go to trusty Blockheads which is pretty much the most popular place to go to in the summer since it has a huge area for outdoor seating. The margarita’s are cheap and the food is great, but the entire city had the same idea it seemed since the wait time was 2 hours. We walked up 9th Avenue, sure to find another place with similar stats, but unfortunately stumbled upon a place that I can’t really say anything good about! El Azteca had no wait, but still managed to make us wait almost 15 minutes to be seated. Drink orders were taken another 15 minutes later, food another time later, and by the time we actually got our food almost an hour had gone by. The chips and salsa were good, but the entree’s were nothing special, in fact they were tasteless for the most part. I ordered on the healthy side, going for the “stuffed avocado” which was 1/2 of an avocado over lettuce with baby shrimp and a spicy tomato sauce. Somehow, the entire dish had no flavor. The sangria I had was watered down, and overall the service was just bad. So if you’re looking for a good mexican restaurant, this is not the place to go!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to run my first long run in months. I met up with my boss and a charity team she is signed up with to run the NYC marathon. I am interested in joining a team myself to have entry into some of the half marathons and eventually the full marathon. I ran 2 miles myself to get there to get warmed up and then just about 7 miles with the team. It was super hot Saturday morning so I felt a little dehydrated through the run, but we stopped a few times at the water fountains and I took a few bites of my first ever GU! I have never ran long enough to need calories during the run, I just try to make sure I eat something good and carby the night before because I can’t stomach anything before a run. The sun was zapping my energy so I shared a packet with my boss and I think it really helped me make it through the last 2 miles! I definitely felt like a real runner 🙂 The miles ticked by and I was so excited that I was able to talk with her through the whole run which really shows that all of the spinning I did throughout my injured winter paid off with my aerobic ability! At the end of the run, we all stretched as a group in Central Park and I made my way home for lots of water and some blueberry banana protein pancakes! Amazing way to start a Saturday 🙂


topped with peanut butter & sugar free syrup, obviously


I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Brenda and walking around the city for over 4 hours. I had froyo, did some shopping, and eventually had dinner at one of my favorite pizza places in the city, Vezzo. One of my favorite activities in the summer is dining outside and Vezzo has a nice little outside seating area. I started with the most delicious salad, which has beets, goat cheese, red onion and pistachio’s with a rich balsamic dressing.

They have a big variety of pizza’s and one amazing way to try them is to get a personal sized pizza and have a different kind on each side. The personal sized pizza is perfect, and the crust is extremely thin. I tried one side with mushrooms and truffle oil and would not recommend it; I had wanted to try truffle oil for awhile and it is NOT good! The other half was bbq chicken.

Good, but it’s my second mistake of not just ordering good ol’ plain cheese pizza. You can’t go wrong with classics! The only place that knows how to do toppings is my beloved Nirchi’s upstate. To my fellow Binghamton-ers: chicken spedie pizza and honey mustard chicken pizza?! Amazing. Still, pizza is just always good even when it’s not great, ya know?

I went walking some more after dinner and it was a gorgeous summer night. This picture I took near 34th street, near Macy’s, and the sky looked crazy!

I love you, NY.

Yesterday I slept in a little, worked all day then came home, ate pizza again (no shame) and watched the 2nd Sex and the City movie and fell asleep super early. For some reason I was exhausted, and I’m thinking it must have been from the 9 mile run and hours of walking from Saturday. I was up bright and early this morning for Jillian Michaels and ran 4 miles that felt SO GOOD! One key to a great run for me? To eat pizza the night before 🙂 Seriously, it really is the best way for me to carb-load!

The rest of the week will be super clean eating (no more pizza) to feel great for my favorite weekend of the year: PRIDE WEEKEND! Cannot wait to celebrate with my gays!

How was your weekend? Any great runs? Any pizza?

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