New York, NY

It’s something I could talk about all day, every day. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to live in New York City, my dream home since I was a little girl. I’ve been here for over a year, and I think it truly takes 1 year to get acquainted, and to know if you can survive or not. But you also never really know New York, no matter how long you live here. And that is one of the most exciting things about living here. It really is a surprise every day, even in the smallest ways.

I have been extraordinarily lucky to not only live on the island of Manhattan, but work on one of the most prestegious streets in the city; 57th Street. Upon the corner of 57th St and 5th Ave stands a legendary fashion photographer named Bill Cunningham. He is famous for taking candids of fashionable people in the city and plastering their photos in the New York Times, if they are so lucky. Well, the real luck is when he chooses to snap your photo at all! I am happy to say that as of Wednesday June 20th, I was chosen to be photographed by the man himself. I had just crossed the street and he squatted down and got right up close to my bright pink Marc Jacobs bag. I pretty much died right then and there.

An outfit extremely simple, but exactly how I like it. The only thing missing from the picture (because I had my friend take this, this is obviously not the actual pic- he does candids, not posed pics!) is the Marc Jacobs bag I was carrying, full of my sweaty gym clothes. How adorable.

Black shorts (H&M) with a sleeveless white button down tucked in, red vintage Longchamp bag, black studded loafers, studded necklace, big sunnies.

Turns out, as of this Sunday’s NY Times, my picture was not used- but I still feel like the luckiest girl! 🙂


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