Have Some Fun!

I have been having some of the most fun times of my life over the last couple of weeks.

First, the weekend my friends and I have talked about since last year: NYC Gay Pride! 2011’s pride proved to be a topic of discussion and laughs for an entire year; we knew we had to blow it out of the water. And that we did. I woke up bright and early that Saturday to bust out a 7 mile run, knowing that the rest of the weekend would be filled with nothing but alcohol, food, and lack of exercise. We started drinking around 2 PM that day and pretty much didn’t stop until 9 PM the next day. I have never laughed so much in my life, and being surrounded by awesome friends and supporting all of them on a weekend devoted to them made me so happy! We met amazing new people, went to many rooftop parties, drank a whole ton of champagne, ate bagels, mexican food, thai food, and lots of coconut water (tried to keep it partially healthy). Let’s just say that Monday morning I woke up still drunk, which led to an afternoon hangover that stayed with me until pretty much Wednesday. 100% WORTH IT! 🙂

I definitely slacked a little bit on the exercise front last week, but I figured after a blowout weekend like that, some rest was in order. I mean we did dance a lot, enough so that my quads were aching for a few days! I ran 5 miles that Tuesday, and then 4 last Thursday. Then I proceeded to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and drank some more all weekend with c0-workers and friends that I adore. Another amazing weekend.

Monday I came up with a great little 20 minute circuit that left me extremely sweaty and very sore for all of this week! Then I went for a 3.1 mile run. Back on track, woo hoo! Until Monday night came, and I went out with my co-workers… again… planning to only have 1 drink… that became 4? And hookah? Totally not like me, but it was a total BLAST! Tuesday was not kind to me, but I did run 4 miles yesterday, 4 miles today and finally got my ass back to spin class.

My very long point is this: I feel like I hadn’t allowed myself to have fun like this in a very long time. I go out here and there, but always with guilt in the back of my mind that I should be asleep by 10, counting calories obsessively, and never drinking so that I can wake up to work out. Pride weekend kicked off a better attitude within myself, that life really is too short to constantly worry that I’m not doing enough to be healthy. I do PLENTY to be healthy, but I still need to work on balance and that balance includes letting myself breathe with no guilt. Drinking more than usual and acting my age is OKAY! It’s something I think any of us working towards maintaining our health really struggle with. I am happy to be back on track now, because I am starting to feel a little soft from the excess alcohol calories (and those late night pizza, gyro runs after drinking…) but there is no guilt or regret at all. Running and oatmeal and grilled chicken will always be there; laughing hysterically with people who don’t judge you and truly care about you is not something that is easily found!


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