Oh hey, it’s just me… the fairweather blogger. Seriously, I promise I am going to get better at managing my time so I can fit this in. So that not all of my posts are recaps of my life! But, this will be a recap, so just smile and read. Please? 🙂

I spent another weekend upstate with my family and some friends, which is always fun and a nice little getaway. I only go once a month (this month will be twice) but it seems like I’m always there according to my NYC friends. I arrived early Friday morning and after some food and visiting, I went to the track with my dad for a nice walk/run for about 65 minutes. It was close to 100 degrees, no shade, and I pretty much drowned in sweat. I loved the feel of the track though, so much different than pounding pavement in Central Park! It was also great having my dad with me to talk and laugh and it made the time fly by.

from Instagram: track, and a butterfly on the track!

After the track, I hung out at my parents and stretched and yoga’d. I always do this at their house because it’s the only place that has carpet! I am pretty proud of myself because I held and extended this position, that I call bridge but apparently is called wheel, for like 30 seconds. That’s nothing for you flexible, strong yogi’s, but I really was impressed that my upper body strength has improved!

 I arrived back in NYC after a 3 AM bus ride and managed to make it through work and a 65 minute spin class on roughly 3 hours of sleep. Felt amazing! Tuesday was not as kind, and those hours I was lacking in sleep caused me to oversleep and have no energy for a workout. I did walk about 3 miles after work, but I was feeling the exhaustion big time. Yesterday morning I woke up for a great 5 mile run, and had a killer breakfast following. I hadn’t made oats in a jar in forever, but I had an almost-empty PB jar so I knew it was time!

Lunch this week was even better. I made the same wrap every day except today, and it’s fabulous. In the mix: Joseph’s flat lavash health wrap, garlic & chive hummus, chopped egg whites, goat cheese, avocado, and the best honey mustard bbq sauce in the entire world 😉

So good. Other than that, I’ve been doing lunch break walks in Central Park every day, and I absolutely love it. I used to run almost every day on my lunch breaks last year when I worked in New Jersey, but I can’t really come back to work sweaty now! But, the walking is great and I do break a little sweat since it’s always in the 90’s. I am going to incorporate it at least 3 times per week for some extra cardio action. I cover about 2-2.5 miles in a little over a half hour, depending on if I am stopping to take pictures or not 🙂

I just love living here. Seriously, so grateful.