Since We Last Spoke…

… I’ve continued to be a blog slacker.

… I’ve continued to be healthy (and boring) 80%ish of the time by eating protein oats for breakfast, egg white/avocado/goat cheese on whole wheat thins with carrots and hummus for lunch, and sweet potato/goat cheese/chicken or tuna or an egg-white omelette for dinner. Luna bars, greek yogurt, protein shakes for snacks. I’ll spare you pictures, you’ve seen it all and will see more in the future.

… I’ve continued to run, spin, and lift weights, obvi. Lots of walking also.

… I’ve continued to pig out (too) often. #YOLO (That, I will show pictures of because it’s fun) This has continued and contributed to the 15 pounds I want to lose but haven’t seemed to be obsessed with enough to not eat everything in sight. It will happen, eventually. And I am fine with that. I would rather be 15 pounds chubbier than I’d ideally like than miserable and not allowing myself fun splurges. But, I do need to reel it in a little more and remember I do best with a cheat day vs. cheat weeks. (Obvi!)

THE BEST black raspberry froyo ever. Inside Bloomingdale’s at Forty Carrots
BIG GAY ICE CREAM! Vanilla soft serve in a cone with chocolate dip, pretzels, dulce de leche and sea salt. DEAD
Flat (scooped out) whole wheat everything bagel with lightly spread jalapeno cream cheese and egg whites. Wish I could eat this every day

… I met the love of my life, CHRIS MELONI FROM LAW & ORDER: SVU!!!!!!! He was literally 2 blocks from my gym one morning on my way to work, and I pretty much attacked him. SO SEXY IN PERSON!


… I was featured in the NY Times Style Section this past Sunday. That picture of me that Bill Cunningham took weeks ago? I actually made it in. Words can’t describe how happy I am.

I’m the smiling fool of a girl with the Marc Jacobs bag! Also, my arm is NOT THAT HUGE. Bad angle, Bill Cunningham.

It has been a pretty unreal couple of weeks in my world.


6 thoughts on “Since We Last Spoke…”

  1. Jen! You sound so happy & that makes me happy. I’m sad that I haven’t been able to stalk your life on a daily basis but oh I suppose i’ll suck it up! Stay happy!! LOVE YOU 🙂

    1. THANK YOU my love! Just gotta stay focused on the positive that outweighs the negatives 😉 love youuuuuu

    1. Right?! I have to keep pinching myself at those things that have happened to me recently! Moving to NYC proves to be the best decision I’ve ever made 🙂

  2. He IS sexy- you lucky girl!!!
    I don’t know how I would resist ice cream every day if I lived in NYC. If I could WALK to it- I’d be in trouble! And what’s better than Big Gay Ice Cream?! Probably nothing.

    1. You really do get used to the easy access of all things food here in NYC! I just trained myself to be able to say no because its “always there”! But, Big Gay Ice cream is a trek for me (way downtown, and i live way uptown) so I will never say no to it! Come visit and I’ll take you! 🙂

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