Before I get to what the hash-tag in the title of this post means, let me share my last few days with you…

This week has been like a giant reset button. My gym was closed for most of the week for renovations so spin class and lifting was pretty much out of the question. I decided it would be a good time to just get in some good runs, a lot of walking and lower my calorie intake to get a start on the weight I want to lose. Let me explain that, before anyone freaks out!

I have been eating at my maintenance amount of calories for months now; I’ll have a few days where I can stay around 1500-1600, but too many days were over 2,000 calories. Totally fine given my activity level most days, if I wanted to maintain the 16 pounds I have gained since my healthiest, happiest weight. What’s not totally fine is that the days I went over were due to eating junk, like my beloved chocolate covered animal crackers.


I have no problem eating a little more to fuel an extra workout or really listening to my body. It just needs to come from healthy foods, not walking into F.A.O Schwartz candy store meant for 5 year olds after work in a bad mood with a bitchy face, shoveling candy from the bulk bins in my mouth before I even get to the register…That was just a for instance, I’ve NEVER done that. 😉

While I absolutely love working out and pushing myself to go harder, faster, further and get stronger, it is hard for me to figure out how many calories I should be eating while doing so and still be able to lose the weight I want. Well, again, it is hard for me to turn those extra calories into something healthy and fueling versus just junk. So this week really allowed me to let my body get used to a few hundred less calories. I still ran Tuesday (3 miles), Wednesday (4 miles) and this morning (3 miles) but those shorter miles are a perfect amount for setting my intake back to around 1400-1500. I promise you I was not starving, as I would never let myself slip back into those habits! I made those calories really count and I never felt like I was missing out. Again, I am not depriving myself, I am simply in weight loss mode and really motivated to get these 16 pounds back off . I have been eating deliciously still, obvi.

Lean & green dinners: shaved brussel sprouts, turkey, egg whites, spinach and broccoli. With plenty of organic ketchup on top 🙂
Made a version of Stuft Mama’s protein cookie dough! 1/2 cup pumpkin, 2 TBSP PB2, 1 TBSP protein powder, 1/8 cup oats, 1/4 cup Kashi Twigs mixed together and refridgerated for a few hours, topped with coconut butter & PB. AMAZE

I also added in something that will make that hash-tag make more sense; WALKING! 🙂 As my story goes, I lost the entire first 100 pounds with walking and healthier food. No running, no weight lifting, no spinning. Walking is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It’s one of the best parts of living in NYC; we walk everywhere! Eventually your body gets used to the inevitable 1-2 miles (minimum) that we walk here just as part of our daily commute, but last year I was walking a minimum of 5 per day on top of all my running. I would walk the 2.5 miles to work and back almost every single day, plus walk my lunch break. It clears your mind in a different way than running does, plus it’s amazing exercise. I don’t burn many calories walking these days, but I still love it.

SO, my challenge for the wonderful month of September (one of my favorite months; the beginning of fall!) is to walk or run a minimum of 2 miles per day. I would LOVE for any of my readers, whether you are a blogger or not, to join me in this. I am calling the challenge “60 In September” because 2 miles times the 30 days in September will equal a minimum of 60 miles walked or ran for the month! And that is amazing! Starting tomorrow, I am committing to getting my butt out the door for at least 2 miles of running or walking for the next month. I think it will definitely help me in my weight loss goals 🙂

On twitter and Instagram, I will use the hash-tag #60inseptember after I achieve my 2 miles each day and I hope you will too! Follow me on twitter – @heylush333 – and Instagram – @artificiallybalanced – and we can share our success!

Remember, this is walking or running 2 miles per day, for a total of 60 minimum for the day. That’s the challenge part- there is no making up days and fitting in extra miles if you miss a day! Keep it up and there will be a prize of some sort in the end!

Let me know if you are in with me!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “#60inseptember”

  1. I came across your blog after reading your guest post on lauren’s blog. Your story is very inspirational and I love that you reached your weight loss goal and personal goal of moving to NYC (I love NYC and I’m very jealous lol)

  2. I love walking! Not as much as my dog does though. He is obsessed. Rain, snow, flood–nothing keeps him from DEMANDING an evening walk. And we take him just about every day. Yesterday, we took him about 2 miles, but that’s rare–maybe we need to amp it up in September!!

  3. I love this! Yay Jen!! We are SO in the same place, you and I.
    Walking is SO great- because you’re keeping your HR aerobic and burning FAT. People get so caught up in the HIGH ENERGY that they lose sight of just where the energy is coming from!
    For too long I felt like I could eat the entire pantry because I worked out so much. Definitely NOT the case. Wish I could go back to 20 lbs ago… (I’ll get there!!)

    1. We really do get caught up in the high energy, high intensity pushing workouts and while there is a time and place for them, we lose sight of how important and great lower intensity exercises are! We will definitely get these 20 pounds off!! 🙂

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