How’s it going?

In terms of my September challenge, #60inseptember, how is it going for those participating? While it’s only September 5th, I have already had 2 very challenging days where the last thing I wanted to was run or walk! But that is why this is a challenge, to learn to push ourselves to go when we really don’t want to! Saturday (the 1st day of the challenge) was a quick 3 miler on the treadmill followed by dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Vezzo. Round of applause for the fact that I bypassed my favorite food (pizza!) for a salad. I am determined to lose this 16 pounds, I told ya! All was not sad though because my favorite salad ever resides in this lovely restaurant. Arugula, roasted beets, goat cheese, pickled red onion, pistachios and grilled chicken with a garlic vinaigrette.

I woke up bright and early Sunday to get my long run onnnn. 9 miles, run and done baby. On 4 hours of sleep. I ran in the park for a little bit and then finished my run down 5th Avenue to 14th Street. I had breakfast plans with some of my friends I never get to see from upstate! Rachel and her boyfriend Jeremy that live near Syracuse, and her brother Ryan and girlfriend Kelsey who live in Brooklyn. Brenda and I met them in Williamsburg which was awesome because I rarely venture into Brooklyn, but every time I’m there I am reminded why I need to go more! We dined at Five Leaves and it was delicious and much different than my usual breakfast fare. Usually I’ll order a veggie egg white omelet and just wheat toast and pick at some homefries (all doused in ketchup, obvi) but I went outside my box and got the Moroccan Scramble; Merguez sausage, scrambled eggs w/spiced chickpeas, crushed avocado & grilled sourdough. I ordered it with no sausage and wasn’t sure I’d like the sourdough since I’ve never been a fan, but it was totally incredible.

Food porn picture much?

Perfect refuel after my long run and with awesome company 🙂

The rest of the day included walking over 3 miles with Brenda, to a cafe uptown where we commenced having some much needed drinks. I am lucky to have friends who will dine with me while I am still sweaty and smelly from a 9 mile run. We had some mimosas and well, some more mimosas…

Not pretty.
Very pretty!

Mimosa drunk is the best drunk. Our walk continued to 16 Handles for some cheat-day deliciousness, and then finally we relaxed and most importantly for me, SHOWERED. I’d like to throw out an apology for all who were affected by my smell since I didn’t shower until almost 4 PM.

A shower, bottle of Presecco and Riesling and 3 train transfers later, Brenda and I arrived at my co-worker and good friend Sabrina’s new apartment. She is one of the luckiest people I know to have scored an affordable (by NYC standards) studio apartment with an amazing view. No picture of the view happened because we were too busy celebrating with grape vodka…


Our other co-workers wanted to join in the fun and picked us up to feed us more alcohol.


We had an absolute blast and acted like we were 18 years old again. I won’t even elaborate.

About 3 hours of sleep and I was off to work. We had short hours for Labor Day or else I would have never gone out the night before! I wanted to go home and sleep so bad after work, but I dragged my tired butt on a 2.5 mile walk and hit up Whole Foods as my end destination. They had Justin’s nut butters on sale for $5 each! I grabbed a vanilla almond butter and might have to go back to see if the sale is still on. That’s half price! I’ve been using it on my oatmeal instead of peanut butter and it’s ridiculously good.

I worked all day yesterday and again, feeling the effects of drinking too much and not getting enough sleep, all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. But I pushed through, and rocked a 2.10 mile interval and incline walk/run. I’m not pushing it much on the treadmill because it always results in giving me shin splints, but I’ve found that mixing in incline walking and only running for intervals is helping. It’s also just fun! A good change to just the constant outdoor runs I’ve been doing the last few months. But seriously, drinking does me in every time. For days. Gotta say it’s worth it sometimes for the amount of fun I always have 😉

Today is the day before NY Fashion Week and it’s going to be a crazy one. Tomorrow is Fashion’s Night Out so we’ll be working somewhere over 12 hours. I’m definitely hoping I get my still tired butt up in time to run in the morning because I’ll be working til after 10 PM! Regardless, gotta get at least 2 miles in!

Have you been getting your 2 miles in?


4 thoughts on “How’s it going?”

    1. Haha SOO hipster, I seriously felt so out of place. Sweating all over the place was truly my best look. But it was the only way I was going to be running 9 miles and still meet for breakfast/mimosas by 8 AM!

    1. Thank you so much!! This is the most consistent I’ve been able to run in almost a year, so I’m ridiculously happy! And don’t be too jealous about fashion week- when you are working it, its not at all glamorous 😉

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