Accidental Long Run & NY Fashion’s Night Out

It’s been quite a 24 hours. Luckily, that’s the life of living in NYC. Even if nothing particularly interesting is happening, there’s always something that reminds you that you live in the best city in the world 🙂

Wednesday night I set out for a quick couple of miles right after work to get in my at least 2 miles, and ended up having a great 4 mile run. I’m able to leave my bags right at work, run around Midtown East and come back to get my bags before heading home. It’s much easier than trekking all the way to the gym, dropping my stuff off, then starting to run. I was done and ready to go home by 7:30!

Yesterday morning I successfully woke up early enough to get in a run before my super long day and Fashion’s Night Out. I figured I’d run 4, maybe 5, especially since I got to the gym a little later than I had planned. I ventured off my normal path to try to find the reservoir in Central Park (I know where it is, I just usually don’t have time to get there in the morning) via 5th Avenue. I ran up Madison Avenue for awhile and needed to make a bathroom stop (TMI sorry, but shout out to EAT for letting me use theirs), entered the park in the mid-80’s, and started running around the reservoir. It’s so beautiful there, and flat, so I sped up here and there. I actually got pretty lost in my thoughts and realized I had already gone close to 4 miles, and that’s when I realized I was on the east side in the upper 90’s. Once I finally found my way out of the park, I was on West 93rd and had to get back to my gym on 54th Street. So, 7.15 miles later, I had an accidental long run. My quads were absolutely WRECKED, but I felt so bad ass knowing I was about to go into a 12-13 hour work day + parties later having run that. 🙂

The day was crazy and went by so fast. We had a catered lunch that was delicious and full of healthy options, even though I had brought a bunch of food with me. I had a bunch of salad and vegetables with chicken and guacamole, and about 5 plates of pickles, olives and fruit. I could live off of those last 3 foods.

salty & sweet!

Couldn’t have made it through the day without these guys.

Sharde, Sabrina, Me and Christine 🙂

Sharde and I got out a little earlier than everyone and got a little glammed up to go check out some parties.

Chanel wallet/clutch, Burberry flats, Swarovski bracelet, dress from Macy’s 🙂
Bergdorf’s gorgeous window


Crowd outside of DKNY
DKNY Party


NY Firefighters bartending!! Free champagne 😉
Lights of NYC


YAY met up with my best friend Brenda! She’s eating protein ice cream, because we always mix in some health with our fashion.
Our amazing friend Dante, store manager of Swarovski on Madison Avenue 🙂


Probably the only red carpet action I’ll ever see 😉


A lot different from last year’s, which was my first Fashion’s Night Out when I did not work in fashion:

Me, Caitlin & Hunter at the PUMA Black Store, Fashions Night Out 2011
Meeting my idol, Kelly Cutrone! Fashions Night Out 2011


Meeting my other idol, Rachel Zoe!! Fashions Night Out 2011

Haha okay, that was kind of depressing. Moral of the story is when you aren’t having to work the night of this event, you get to meet celebrities. When you have to work 12 hours that day, you miss the good events. But since I was with my best friend Brenda both years, that’s what really counts 🙂

Have you ever been to Fashions Night Out?

Have you ever accidentally run much more than you intended to?


4 thoughts on “Accidental Long Run & NY Fashion’s Night Out”

  1. You are so cute- and so fashionable! I, on the other hand, am a prime candidate for “what not to wear.” I don’t know how to dress my body at all! (It was also much easier and more fun as a size 4!) My idea of “fashion” is coordinating my Under Armour tank top with my prAna headband. Pretty sad.

    1. Girlll, you will not die if you own anything Chanel, I assure you that 🙂 haha It’s a lovely luxury but look how small my Chanel is, I’ll probably never afford an actual bag!

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