Yoga, Eats & 1 Day Challenge

How’s your Saturday going? It’s finally chilly in NYC and it feels absolutely amazing. I love the feel of a Saturday, even though most of mine are spent at work. This particular Saturday includes a work day of 9:00 AM until somewhere around 11 PM or later. We’ll get to that later…

Last weekend after my race I told Brenda my new goal is strength training at least 3 times per week and yoga at least once per week. I just need to stop and do it. Running is going really well right now and I don’t want to mess that up by not strengthening other parts of my body (and other leg muscles neglected from just running) like I’ve done in the past. Of  course life gets in the way of adding in additional work outs, but that’s why I forced myself to sweat it out to Jillian on Thursday night, after 10.5 long hours of work. Sometimes you just need to not think about it and do it. 30 minutes later, I was sweaty, shaking and got it done. 2 days later, I’m not sure how I was able to run 9 miles this morning. SO SORE.

I dragged my butt to 7:30 AM yoga yesterday morning and it’s quickly becoming my favorite Friday morning thing. The instructor for this yoga class is my favorite, which may not be the most plausible opinion since I’ve only taken 3 yoga classes in my life and 2 of them were with him, but the guy is amazing. He is hilarious and I have burst out laughing both classes. He wasn’t trying to produce laughs but I pretty much laugh at everything. He is very hands on which I love and not for dirty reasons either. I want to do the best I can do and sometimes it’s hard to know in yoga how things are supposed to feel. One little tiny movement from an instructor can change the way you are posing and turn it into something amazing! I really worked hard in his class yesterday (dripping sweat and it wasn’t hot yoga) and factor that into Jillian from the night before and I am one sore mess. I’ve even felt more relaxed and find myself sitting up more straight since his class! And if you know me, you know I am a sloucher. Like hunchback of Notre Damn status.

I knew I had a really long day in store (bi-annual inventory) and wanted to get in a long run before my day started. I fueled up last night with what started as an innocent, healthy but carb-filled dessert.


Banana soft serve made with a large banana’s worth of frozen chunks, 1 ice cube, xantham gum and about 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Blended until soft serve consistency. Topped with healthy chocolate sauce, made of 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 packet of Splenda and 1.5 tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk, mixed together until syrup consistency.

But then I remembered I hadn’t eaten my afternoon snack of Stuft Mama’s pumpkin protein cookie dough. I’ve been eating it as my afternoon snack all week and I can’t get enough. Here’s how I’ve been making it:

  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1 tbsp protein powder (I use cookies n cream flavor)
  • 2 tbsp PB2 (could sub more protein powder if you dont have PB2)
  • 1 packet splenda, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/8 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup Kashi GoLean

Mix together until cookie dough consistency. I put mine in the freezer in a container and then in the fridge at work and it’s thawed and ready to eat by that afternoon. I usually put PB2 or some kind of nut butter on top of it too 🙂

So I decided to put my uneaten pumpkin protein cookie dough in that bowl of banana goodness. I also had coconut pumpkin cookie crumbles (recipe on my last post) in my fridge that begged to be put on it too, so then it really became a party. Last but not least, I added some Better’n Peanut Butter. I mean, the jar was a tablespoon away from being eligible to be oats-in-a-jar status so I had to.


Perrrrrfect fuel for today’s run.

I love fall running. I still wore a tank top and shorts because that’s just my jam until it gets in the low 50’s. I did wear my compression sleeves and I think it does make a difference to actually run in them and sleep in them. I need to get a few more pairs because my shins were totally fine for the whole run!

A few loops in Central Park, a little bit of midtown and some West Side Highway running, and I ran 9 miles.


10:08 average. Felt amazing. I finished feeling like I could have kept going, which is what I read recently a long run should feel like. It’s not a tempo or speed work run, it’s just time on your feet with your mind and music, being able to carry on a conversation if you were running with someone. I obviously put in some work and was a sweaty mess at the end, but I didn’t give it my all like I did at my race last weekend. I think I’m becoming a smarter runner 🙂

So my “1 day challenge” I mentioned in the title started yesterday when I was getting anxiety about my super long day at work today. It’s not just any long day or a long day with a fun event, it’s a full work day followed by full store inventory where everyone has to stay at the store until 11 PM or later. It’s exhausting and it only happens twice a year thankfully. But my first experience in April with inventory resulted in such a bad binge of pizza and the most candy I’ve ever eaten in a sitting. I didn’t prepare to bring food with me for a whole day’s worth of eating and just ate what everyone else was eating. We all felt so crappy and were dragging from a sugar crash before it even hit 9 PM. Yesterday I vowed that this would not happen again for me at least! I went home and made not only breakfast lunch and snacks like I do every day for work, but also dinner and an extra snack like I have after dinner. This way I am not tempted to eat the crap that will be available for us. I actually made some great eats for my long day that I will post tomorrow! Kind of fun to make it a challenge with really good food instead of just bummed that I can’t eat mass amounts of candy or go out and spend money on food! 🙂

And that is why they say, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” So, choose to succeed!


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