Carmines & Catch-Up

I feel like my life is in a constant state of playing catch up. Kind of like my blog, but I guess that is just reflecting my life eh? For my followers and readers, I really appreciate you continuing to read and support this even though I slack off a lot! I need to host a giveaway soon so I can buy your love back 🙂

As I am trying to not look to the past as much these days, I will just give a quick recap of a couple of weekends ago when I finally went to a NYC staple restaurant with my awesome co-workers that I have to write about! Then, I’ll give you some of the current stuff in my life.

My last post talked about the dreaded bi-annual total store inventory that was about to happen, aka a 14-15 hour work day. I successfully brought all my own healthy food and didn’t eat any candy or pizza that was available! I felt really great about it and woke up feeling good, not like a balloon. Woo woo!

We were treated to a dinner at any place we really wanted (within a budget) the next night so my co-workers and I picked Carmine’s which is a very famous italian restaurant in NYC that serves everything family style, meaning each dish can easily feed 4-6 people. We were 6 very hungry people, 2 of them being guys and 2 being runners (Sabrina and I). We put in work on this dinner and still left with 3 BAGS of leftovers. Each dish ranges from $20-$35ish which seems pricey until you realize that 1 dish is truly more than enough. We started with bread. So. Much. Bread.

Rob and I. We love carbs.

The bread basket was an awesome mix of italian bread, italian bread with sesame seeds, 2 types of garlic bread pieces, and at least another type. We went through 2 with no shame. I can’t eat a meal without a salad, especially an italian meal, so we got a Caesar salad and I definitely accounted for at least half.

I wish the whole thing was minnnee

For entrees we shared angel hair with vodka sauce, angel hair with broccoli and sausage, and chicken parm. My plate with a little of each:

Truth be told, I am not a pasta lover. I do love vodka sauce, but I could eat it just with chicken or vegetables and not notice the noodles. The vodka sauce here was amazing! I only ate the broccoli out of the other dish with sausage and the chicken parm was not impressive. It’s the piece that almost looks like pizza on my plate. I ended up eating spoonfuls of the vodka sauce cause I am weird like that, but overall this place was amazing and I’m sure if you love italian food you would enjoy this place very much! We had a great time and straightened out some issues we were having. Plus posed for many pictures since we do work in fashion and all…

Rob, me, Christine, Sabrina, Sharde and Pedro. Love love love these guys!
Busted out the fur vest


ha i love this! we are always laughing

Woops, I forgot to add that we pretended it was me and Rob’s birthday to get some cheesecake. Absolute best cheesecake I’ve ever had.

we told the waiter we were twins. clearly we are not.

So, on to the present. It’s been a really tough week in my personal life and I’ve basically just been working and sleeping and eating. I have only worked out once this week, and it was just a quick 2 mile HIIT session on the treadmill yesterday before heading into work early for an event. I was eating clean for the most part this week but fell victim to eating froyo for dinner Tuesday night, and then pizza and some unnecessary sugary things yesterday. I’m aware that it’s stress eating and am just trying to clean it up and get back on track and I have total confidence I absolutely will. I no longer really dwell on a few days of slipping up because at least 80% of the time I am where I need to be. I’m sure this week of rest will have been a good thing, and I am planning on some good runs this weekend. Next week I want to really focus on getting back into spin (it’s been like, 3 weeks since I have really consistently gone) and lifting and continue with my yoga practice 1-2 times per week. Everything always works out how it’s supposed to, right?

What’s your favorite Italian dish?

I mean obviously pizza!! And bread. Carbs.

Does stress cause you to eat more, eat less, work out more, or work out less?

Generally eat more/work out less. Something I am continuing to work on and try to control!


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