Current Love Affairs (with food)

I think we all go through food phases or food crushes, and I know when I fall for one I fall hard. Eating clean and healthy isn’t really all that difficult and there are so many ways to make it interesting and fun. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of actually cooking or following recipes. I’d blame it on my lack of time with my hectic schedule, but I just prefer to keep it simple and easy. I get home late from work and like to be able to make dinner and my lunch for the next day within 20 minutes, so I can get in bed and stare at my husband Detective Stabler on Netflix until I fall asleep.

Hey honey!

This is where I’d say my biggest food crush, especially since starting to eat clean a few years ago, is my beloved egg whites.

From Stuft Mama’s blog! I don’t own these yet but REALLY need to…

There are just so many things you can do with egg whites. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the yolk of an egg and have it for dinner many nights during the week. But I am obsessed with the taste of the whites. My favorite way to prepare them is cracking 3-4 in a frying pan, letting them get really crispy and just flipping it like a pancake. From there I’ll add whatever vegetable I want and either keep it like a pancake, scramble it all up or flip in half like a true omelette. Lately my lunches have been a bed of spinach, topped with a big egg white scramble, avocado, lots of crushed red pepper, and a creamy hot sauce. For the sauce I just use 1 tbsp light ranch dressing and a lot of frank’s hot sauce.

So filling and spicy, just how I like it! If I’m feeling like I want some carb action, I’ll throw my omelette into a whole wheat wrap. I added some Trader Joe’s spinach and kale greek yogurt dip, tons of spinach and hot sauce to today’s wrap.

I used to eat Flatout wraps every morning with peanut butter and a banana while I was losing weight and I credit them big time for keeping me super satisfied! Strangely enough I cannot find them anywhere in NYC that I grocery shop and have really missed them. Imagine my excitement when I received this amazingly generous box from Flatout!

Ohhhh my.

I had only ever tried the wraps, but now they offer flat breads, Foldit sandwich breads, pinwheel flat breads and tons of flavors for each! I immediately toasted up a whole wheat + flax Foldit and stuffed in 4 egg whites cooked how I like with cinnamon, goat cheese crumbles and Trader Joe’s raspberry preserves.

Great picture. Except not at all.

I assure you this combination was the bomb dot com.

I also ate a spicy italian thin crust flat bread and a rosemary & olive oil Foldit dipped in some hummus and they were incredible. I can’t wait to make pizzas with these! I love Flatout brand products because they are all under 150 calories and have good amounts of protein in them. Some of the ingredient lists are longer than I usually would eat in a bread product, but the whole wheat product line is delicious and you will not miss bread! Look for more recipes with these products since I have enough to last me a lifetime! Thanks, Flatout! 🙂

So besides egg whites, my other love affairs that most people who know me know about would be peanut butter and oatmeal. I have been going through nut butters a little fast lately, but I truly am fueled with healthy fats. I portion my nut butters out per serving, I pretty much never blindly dig in with just a spoon. That’s a recipe for disaster, or me eating half the jar but pretending I don’t know how much. I measure out each serving with a tablespoon, and my breakfast always includes at least 1.5 tablespoons of the good stuff. Bringing me to my reason for having been able to have two breakfasts of OIAJ (oats in a jar) this week! I may invest in some mason jars just because this breakfast is so perfect to grab and go in the morning and doesn’t require me to trek down 4 floors at work just to use a microwave.

1/3 cup oats + chia seeds + unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 2 tbsp pumpkin + 1 tbsp protein powder +cinnamon in an almost empty coconut oil PB jar soaking overnight.. in the AM, add more almond milk, sugar free syrup, banana slices, cinnamon + additional nut butter if wanted (always wanted)
this stuff makes the BEST oats in a jar i swear! the consistency is not as thick as peanut butter so it mixes so well

And while this one wasn’t served in a jar, it needs to be talked about.

Fall in a bowl.

Standard pumpkin protein pancakes topped with apple and banana slices that I “fried” in coconut oil and cinnamon. The smell in my apartment was unbelievable! Got the idea to fry the apples from my soul mate Emily. Go read her blog and follow her on Instagram (@keepingupwithe) for tons of inspiration and recipes!

What are your current food phases/ food crushes?

Do you enjoy cooking or just throwing together random things? I guess throwing together random things could be considered cooking… The only recipes I like to follow/create are ones for things like protein mug cakes and things of that sort.


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