So Lazy & Halloween

I mean seriously.

I have been so lazy the last week with working out and eating 87,000 calories a day. I ran a whopping 3 miles one day this week. Made it count with some hill repeats since I randomly decided to sign up for a race tomorrow… like 3 days ago. Knowing I hadn’t really run more than 3 miles in a few weeks.

This is what happens when bored at work.

It’s a 5 mile “Marathon Kick-off” race because the NYC Marathon is just 1 week away! I just really needed some serious motivation to get back into running. All I’ve been doing the last week is eating way too much and not running enough. But, I have been getting plenty of sleep and I guess that’s the silver lining of my pants being tight? Great healthy living, Jen. Jeez.

This will be my 2nd year spectating the amazing NYC Marathon and I am so excited. The energy this city has during marathon weekend is palpable. The Columbus Circle subway stop, where I get off for work/ on to go home, is decked out as of a couple of weeks ago and it’s just so exciting. I’ll have to take pics of the whole thing but one for now:

95,000 pairs of sneakers will hit the ground for the marathon… This is not 95,000 sneakers but, you get it.

Besides not running, last weekend I went to an awesome brunch with my awesome friends. We went to a cute little spot called 44 1/2 in Hell’s Kitchen. Great bar, great little outdoor seating area, hilariously named drinks and so-so food. Whatever, who goes to Sunday brunch for the food in NYC? Clearly it’s for the drinks. And to laugh/ make asses of yourselves with people who love you.

Dante & Eddie! 🙂
Brenda and I!
egg white veggie omelette, potatoes, english muffin, fruit. Standard brunch fare. And 4 huge mimosas. Woops.

I was straight up hideously hungover at this brunch, still drunk even. I had just thrown up yet again moments before walking out of my apartment to meet up with these fools and they DEMANDED I drink. All I could stomach was some mimosas, which ended up turning into 4? So, my hangover went right back into just being drunk. It was so much fun… until I got home and ended up with something along the lines of the worst stomach ache I’ve ever had in my life. I had felt the beginnings of a flare up of my IBS all that week, so a night plus a morning of drinking was just plain DUMB! But, whatever. YOLO? Definitely contributed to my endless need to sleep, eat and not work out all week.

Let’s just hit the reset button now, shall we? I am learning that my 24.5 year old self can not recover from drinking the way my 21 year old self could. I also imagine the healthier you eat/more active you are, hangovers must be worse because our bodies aren’t used to filling it with junk. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

I am definitely ready to get back to my workouts and healthy healthy healthy meals. I am using tomorrow’s 5 mile race (which PS, is on the hilliest route of Central Park. Yikes) as just a motivator to jump back in the game. I am definitely NOT in race shape, so I have no time goals/expectations for myself for tomorrow. And I’m more than okay with that. I know it’s going to be killer with those hills, so I don’t mind if I have to walk parts of it. However, that’s pretty much my only goal… is to not walk. I mean, if I do walk I know that it’s just me being a total wuss. I can run 5 miles even though I haven’t been running much. It’s only been a couple of weeks, not months. I’m just going into it as a run that I happen to be wearing a bib for and with way more people than usual running on a Sunday in Central Park. 🙂

Off topic buttt- I love Lauren oh so much. Weeks ago she mailed me a great little package that ended up taking forever to reach me. I have to get packages delivered to work since I’m never home, and sometimes it’s takes forever to get to my department! She was just passing on some NuNaturals love to me since she wants me to so badly not use Splenda anymore, but when I opened the package…

!!! 🙂

Tons of KIND bars in the new low-sugar variety! Plus a HANDWRITTEN note! So so thoughtful. Lauren, thank you so much for the goodies and I am really liking the NuNaturals! I have already ran out so I am using Splenda still, but I am definitely going to be ordering these and experiment with the liquid kind too. 🙂

Are you dressing up/doing anything exciting for Halloween this year? Halloween is fun but tends to now sneak up so fast in my already insanely busy life. A few years ago my best friend and I dressed up as Mario & Luigi though and it was so much fun! Tying it in to healthy living/weight loss: It was 3 years ago so I had lost maybe 25 pounds or so at this point, and yes my best friend Brenda and I are the craziest drunks ever 🙂

haha trying to take shots with those hands! And the mustaches fell off 2 minutes after we put them on…

Yep.. Proof that I used to smoke, too! Ewwww. So glad I made the lifestyle change! But never would regret this because it was one of the most fun nights we’ve ever had!

Have a great Halloween weekend!


2 thoughts on “So Lazy & Halloween”

  1. Ha! I used to smoke too- back in my SUPER healthy days! Glad you liked the goodies and that they finally got to you! You should email NuNaturals and see about doing a review/giveaway. They are very kind to bloggers and sent me a whole box of goodies!

    1. Haha glad we have kicked that habit!! Thanks again girl and I Will definitely contact NuNaturals about a review and giveaway! 🙂

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