Race Re-Cap & Hurricane

What a week it has been. I will not complain because I lucked out big time with having no damage, no power outage and no water outage since Hurricane Sandy hit this week. I got 3 days paid off of work. NO COMPLAINTS! I won’t even complain about my horrific first MTA bus experience that took me 4 hours round trip to attempt to get to work with no luck on Wednesday. It was eventful, for sure. I feel luckier than ever to be a New Yorker, because when shit goes down- we stick together.

On Sunday morning before it all went down, I got my race on. I mentioned how I had signed up just a few days before for the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5-Miler race in Central Park. I figured it would be a good way to get back into working out after a very lazy couple of weeks and recharge my batteries. I had no real time goal (although in my head it was around 51 minutes, I figured I would die on the hills) that I wanted to admit to anyone, and just wanted to have fun. Oh, and get a free t-shirt.

Love laying race gear out the night before! Bib, Champion sports bra (love them for how cheap they are), my favorite long-sleeve running shirt from the brand HIND, Polar FT7 heart rate monitor

The race started at 8:30 AM, so I woke up at 6:15-ish to do my usual pre-race stuff. Drink water, hang in the bathroom for awhile (this is what takes me the longest… awesome stomach issues), and eat a small little something that can’t be changed in the SLIGHTEST way (all you runners out there understand this).

1/2 of a banana with 1 TEASPOON (just enough pre-race) peanut butter, water and coffee

Also required: look as hot as possible. This means making sure you look like you are just sleep walking.

new favorite: rocking compression socks for most runs. Makes a HUGE difference for me!

Central Park races during the fall are the best. Look at this gorgeous scenery.

Port-a-potties are generally not beautiful but to me they are. Have to use them 3 times at least before I start. Smallest bladder on the planet.

This race was so much fun for me. It was my first race I’ve ever ran totally alone (first race last year with my friend Kristen, and the 10K in September with Brenda) and I LOVED it! I think I’m on the fence with running alone vs running with other people, but when it comes to races I think I might like being alone better. At least for shorter distances like this. I turned my music on after the first 1.5 miles or so and rocked out. This course is almost completely hills, and I charged up them like a beast. My finishing time was 49:38 for a 9:56 mile pace. AMAZING for having not trained much of the month of October and for such a hilly course. I was totally riding the runners high for the rest of the day… despite having to go right into work after a quick shower!

I refueled with my favorite sandwich. Whole wheat everything FLAGEL (a super flat, scooped out bagel, less calories) toasted with very lightly spread jalapeno cream cheese, egg whites and extra jalapenos. So spicy.

Food photography is not in my future.

We left work early to get home because the subways were being shut down at 7 PM. Being couped up for almost 4 days is NOT my idea of a good time, but still… thankful to be safe. I spent my hurricane time with John and we did nothing but sleep, watch Netflix/TV (mostly the news to see what was going on) and a few walks. We didn’t go far after seeing the little damage that had happened in my neighborhood.

Plus tons of garbage cans all over the place, and some trees.

I rocked a pretty fashionable hurricane outfit.

This hairstyle can be recreated for a small fee.

It was so windy on our walk that we were only out for about 5 minutes. You could barely talk!

again, fabulous hair.

I don’t think I have slept/been as lazy as I was for those few days in years. I managed to run twice (quick 2 miles on Monday to shake out my race fatigue) and 3 miles Wednesday. Other than that, I gained probably 15 more pounds with the amount of food I ate. Awesome. That brings me to my next post later on… November goals! 🙂

Were you affected by Hurricane Sandy? I pray that anyone who was will be back to their homes ASAP!

2 thoughts on “Race Re-Cap & Hurricane”

    1. Thanks sweetie and you too!! OMG Flagel’s are so good. Basically like a bagel thin but a little wider 🙂

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