OBAMA + November Goals

Just a quick bit about how happy I am that Obama got re-elected…

I woke up yesterday morning feeling relieved, hopeful and happy.

Tuesday night, the right man won the election. Yes, it’s my opinion, but in the end Obama stands for equality and LOVE, and is there really anything more important?

I was raised to accept ALL people, no matter their skin color, gender, or who they go home to at night. Half of our problems in this country and world are based off of hate. If people had just a little more compassion, loved a little more and accepted differences instead of terrorizing them, wouldn’t this world be amazing? It’s so sad that that is such a far fetched idea.

I have many gay friends and their rights are one thing I take very seriously. It hurts me everyday that they have groups of people that hate them BECAUSE OF WHO THEY LOVE. A government that won’t recognize their marriage. Laws that interfere with adoption. All things that slap them in the face, trying to prohibit them from loving and being happy. The whole concept, even though we live and breathe it every day, STILL continues to baffle me. It sickens me. I wouldn’t want to raise children in a world where this much hate exists.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and given the right to vote on either party. I am not judging those who voted for Mitt Romney if they did so based on issues that -probably ignorantly- I didn’t try to learn more about (war, taxes, etc). But the issues that face me as a 24 year old woman living in NYC who would like to keep my rights to my body are all issues that Obama has no interest in making worse. I am disappointed that people in my age group, ESPECIALLY women, would vote for a man who is trying to take away our rights to our body. Trying to keep people from marrying who they want and being openly in love. That’s absolutely disgusting to stand behind someone who is okay with that.

So while I may not know much about war, taxes, health care, etc, I can say that the issues I do care about at this time in my life -and for the next 4 years- are in the hands of the right man. That’s my 2 cents.


Moving on! If you follow me on Instagram (@artificiallybalanced) you saw I posted my November goals last week.

great 5th grade handwriting.

The sugar/pastry situation for me has just gotten out of hand. I never even really liked candy or pastries but for almost a year now I have been eating them out of pure stress. I just have to stop allowing myself to have them during the week. I get into the most trouble by going to Whole Foods, of all places. One just opened right near my work and I end up getting multiple cookies or scones upon entering, not to mention random things from the salad/hot bar. Avoiding Whole Foods will not only help me lose weight but help my wallet. Sad but true that even a fricken health food store is a trigger for me. UGH!

I want my once per week treat to be delicious, sugar topped froyo. So this past Sunday, after 3 days of clean eating just like my goals state, I indulged.


The work out portion of my goals have been pretty good. Last week on the 1st, I did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 2, then ran 4 miles and did Level 1 on Friday. To say my legs were sore enough that just limited mobility was a killer is an understatement. So I knew Saturday and Sunday would be rest days, but I walked a few miles both days and lifted some heavy groceries back home from Trader Joe’s. The heaviness came from my newest addiction- SQUASH! I think I was heavily inspired by one of my favorite Instragrammers and bloggers (therungrychef.tumblr.com and on Insta- @therungrychef). She has the sexiest food pictures EVER. Come on, don’t you love food porn? I’ll try to seduce you with one of my own…


So this is half of a calabaza squash that I scooped out the seeds and microwaved for about 7 minutes. Once it was done cooling down a little, I stuffed it with tuna, goat cheese and dijon mustard. I loved you, little squash boat. I’ve also been eating lots of spaghetti squash. So versatile!

As for running, I’m in a little bit of a slump because the temperature in NYC has just drastically dropped to barely 40 degrees and I just have to give myself a little pep talk. I don’t mind running in the cold or snow, but I have to do a bit of a transition to get out of my warm bed. I ran 3 miles on Monday before yoga and just 1 on the treadmill Tuesday, before spin class. To help with my running slump, I am looking at signing up for some races next month that will require training (a 15K!) so I can get my (cold) butt moving!

Oh and full disclosure- I did great with eating Monday and Tuesday, but fell into the black hole that is known as Whole Foods yesterday. I stayed up so late watching the election that I didn’t bring lunch, so it turned into buying a salad and too much sugar for lunch. However, I did pretty well and just had soup, a Flatout with cheese and some roasted cauliflower for dinner. So, that is an improvement to not just binge the rest of the day! 🙂

Unreal that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today!


Do you love squash? What is your favorite way to eat it? I am dying to try it Stuft Mama style and throw on some peanut butter!

Do you write down your goals? I know most of us have iPhones or whatever, but hand writing to me still wins! I am a writer, after all 🙂


4 thoughts on “OBAMA + November Goals”

  1. 100% agree with you about Obama. Can’t understand how any woman could vote for someone who supports the reversal of Roe V. Wade. Craziness…. anyway- you have inspired me to come up with my own Nov. goals…. will prob. post on IG for you to see 🙂

    1. So happy Obama won still, 2 weeks later 🙂 Love having short-term goals, I think it helps so much with weight loss!

    1. HEY GIRL! loveee your blog 🙂 I have actually never have risotto! Isn’t it sort of like rice? I am not a fan of rice so I think thats why Ive never tried it. Butternut squash however is one of my favs 🙂

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