In a Holi-daze (already)

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, which in retail lingo means hell. We have begun our holiday hours a week early, because we are just SO NICE LIKE THAT. Extra hours at work initially made me panic a little, but I have decided to just not think about it so much and do the best I can. I know I am capable of eating healthy and continuing to cut out junk (doing really good on the no candy and no pastries front!) but I have decided that right now I am working on being okay with working out less. At the very least, I am going to be okay with taking more rest days, getting more sleep, and just not getting sick. I am going to stop putting pressure on myself to run x amount of miles per week, go to x amount of spin classes and just do what I can. There is so much going on right now that I will get burnt out too easy if I continue to be so harsh on myself. And guess what? After just a few days of this attitude, I am feeling better and lighter. My raging appetite has subsided a bit thanks to scaling back on my workouts, and I think that’s just where I need to be right now. I am feeling AMAZING after allowing myself to sleep at least 7 hours per night! I think it has really kept my appetite and mindful eating in check!

So before I came to this conclusion, I headed upstate to see the fam for a very short trip since I can’t go for Thanksgiving. Again, the joys of working in retail 🙂 And of course I indulged…

Besides my jar of Biscoff that my mom has for me when I come home..Yes, that is PUMPKIN SPICE flavored butter. Or whatever country crock is. Amazing. Has HFCS in it. So not healthy. #FATfluential big time.
Excuse me Rold Gold, a serving of your delicious and addicting white chocolate covered pretzels are only 3 pretzels? I think that was a typo on your part. It’s okay. I forgive you.
Tried Binghamton’s first froyo place, Sweet Frogs!! BEST TOPPINGS EVER. Ate in my brothers bed watching Netflix = pure relaxation.

Went on a wonderful 4.5 mile run that made me really appreciate where I come from. Upstate NY is beautiful.

One of the highlights of my trip was going to see one of my favorite people, my old boss from one of my favorite jobs ever. I used to work at a tanning salon called Tanfastic and Amy was my boss. She turned into one of my closest friends, and really helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She was so supportive through my weight loss and I looked forward to going into work every single day. After losing the salon in the flood last year, she opened up her own and it is SO AMAZING! If you are in the Binghamton area, PLEASE go check it out!! It’s called Villa Bronze Tanning Salon on the George F Highway. Amy is SO unbelievably knowledgeable and will make you feel like you are a celebrity 🙂 If you tell her I sent you, I guarantee you will get a cute little squeal out of her! 😉

So this week I have been really focused on just getting back to eating clean, and taking it DAY BY DAY. If you are one of the 100’s of people who have personally asked me for advice and tips on how to lose weight (which I am ALWAYS here to answer questions, I absolutely love to help) you know one thing I always say is that you need to take it day by day, and sometimes even meal by meal. That is what helped me through my weight loss and that is what I am getting back to. I am too often thinking to the next meal, next snack, next WEEK’s meals. Not only do I do this with what I eat and my work outs, but everything else in my life too. It wreaks havoc on my anxiety levels and I am determined to start living each day for that day and not constantly thinking about the future. I am hoping that this change can help me in all aspects of my life.

Insert random picture of salad I have been eating the last few days.

the man at the deli loves and gives me so many extra veggies for free. Love you salad man.

Also, just because you are eating clean, trying to lose weight or just don’t want to go into a sugar coma doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little at everyone favorite place with those famous red holiday cups. However, I have a little tip for you! To get just the taste of the seasonal flavors at Starbucks, ask for an iced coffee or americano (of course you can have hot too, but i love my iced coffees) and just 1-2 pumps of the flavored syrup! Today for example I ordered an iced grande soy 2 pump caramel brulee americano and it was devine. Just enough sweetness to taste the syrup, and for just about 100 calories. If you order it with skim milk or half & half instead of soy, it would probably be just a little less than 100 calories too! I just prefer the creaminess and little bit of sweet that their soy milk gives.

mmmm great afternoon caffeine boost

Next time I am going for a pump of gingerbread!

What are your tips for staying on track during the holidays?

Do you like giving your body time off from hardcore exercise?


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