Hello, December.

Don’t even get me started on how it’s already December.

Regardless, November wasn’t too awful. I would say I feel that I met my November goals by at least 80%. My biggest goal was to get back on track as much as I possibly could with eating clean because I have felt so out of control with it for the majority of this year. I feel that I was the most successful with that goal, and that was really important to me. Let’s reflect a little, shall we?

My November goals were:

  • Clean eating (1400-1700 calories) Monday-Saturday, cheat day on Sundays
  • NO candy or pastries during the week!
  • NO trips to Whole Foods during the week! (spend way too much $, OD on their pastries upon entering)
  • Strength train 3x a week
  • Yoga 1x a week
  • Run 4x a week
  • Spin 1x a week

Since I track my eats and workouts on MyFitnessPal and Dailymile, I can easily see my successes and where I slipped up. Right off the bat, I can count that I had 15 days where I stuck to my clean eating and weight loss amount of calories. Even though that’s only 50% success of that goal, the days where I went above were still pretty controlled. I never really felt like I was binging, but definitely had some stress eating and eating out of boredom days. Work in progress, but that is 15 more days closer I am to feeling great again 🙂

My second and third goal of no candy, pastries or Whole Foods trips other than on Sundays was extremely successful! I only went to Whole Foods TWICE during the month of November! First off, my wallet must be doing a dance. But I feel SO much better since cutting out sugar. It seems ridiculous that Whole Foods could be a trigger for me, since it is a super healthy food store and all, but have you seen their wall of baked goods and pastries? It’s out of control. It became an addiction, and I feel that I am on track to getting it under control. Even on my Sundays, I have really only been having froyo. REALLY proud of this accomplishment, and plan on sticking to it for the month of December too, despite it being a month full of goodies around work. No thanks, sugar. My pants being loose again is much better than your teeth-rotting, addiction forming goodness!

As for my workout goals, they fell a bit short. Still, I am loving that I went to yoga 4 times! I am hoping to make it more than 4 times this month because I am definitely falling in love and loving how much stronger I feel after each class. Strength training…well I only really did it 3 times, just 3 rounds of Jillian Michaels. Ugh, need to get better at making it a priority! I ran 13 times for a total of 39.3 miles. I can definitely do better than that 🙂 Oh and spinning… only 3 classes for the whole month. That always depends on my schedule since I have to be able to make it to a class, but I definitely skipped out on a few because I was lazy. Will try to go at least 5 times this month!

Before I get to my December goals, I’ll show you some beautiful pictures from my walk in Central Park the other day. The leaves have fallen, but there is something so amazing about the feeling of fall and winter in the park!

Bye bye leaves.
Bye bye leaves.

photo (6)

And just a random yoga picture I saw somewhere, sorry I can’t remember the source!

photo (1)



My goals for December are basically to just keep it upDon’t lose the motivation that I gained during November. Keep eating clean. Keep going to yoga. Run more miles. Possibly run 70 more miles so that I can hit 800 miles for the year! Stay positive. Lift more weights. Keep cutting sugar. Keep telling stress to suck a big one. Remind myself that eating like crap only makes the stress in my life that much worse. Prepare to make 2013 drastically better than 2012. 🙂

How was your November? What are your December goals?

4 thoughts on “Hello, December.”

  1. Hey babygirl…I love the idea of setting monthly goals. It can be really easy to beat yourself up when you set weekly goals and then feel like you failed if you didn’t work out four times that week (my usual personal goal). I love the idea of setting a monthly mileage or # of yoga/cardio class goal. Gonna try it for December! Hope to see you in a few short weeks at Christmas! 🙂

  2. You go girlfriend! You may not have hit all your goals 100% but seriously, who does that anyways. We had a “no spend November”.. lets not even talk about how that went! We are trying really hard to not eat out and limit our drinking until we go home. I thought life was supposed to be easy?!

  3. great goals girl! It’s nice to have a set of goals that you are working towards, especially when you stick to them, it’s an additional pat on the back along with feeling really good. You’re motivating me to stick to my goals for the rest of the month!

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