No Jinxing

I’m not going to jinx myself and say I feel healed finally, but I do feel a lot better than last week. Today is my last day of antibiotics and I am so fucking happy to see them go. Excuse my french, but these little shits have messed me up BAD. I haven’t had to take an antibiotic in years and I have been sick to my stomach every day since I started them. Never bad enough to throw up, but that lull in my stomach where if I get even slightly hungry it makes me really need to gag. So basically I have been stuffing my face to not feel sick, not being able to work out, and coughing my lungs out for 3 weeks… Please paint a picture of how happy I must be.

Besides an awful run/walk and a spin class I had to leave early from because I had a coughing attack last week, I ran 2 miles Saturday morning and 2 this morning before going to an awesome yoga class. Truthfully, I shouldn’t even be tracking my mileage for a few weeks until I get my running legs back. It’s so discouraging to see how slow you get after a few weeks off. It’s also discouraging that 2 miles feels like 7. But on a positive note, yoga was amazing this morning. It was challenging of course, but I felt really strong. I even held crow pose for a few seconds! Very few seconds, but since my feet were off the ground, it counts.

Not me. I was also not this high. But you get the idea.
Not me. I was also not this high. But you get the idea.

I wanted to go right ahead and make today a double with spin class tonight, but thanks to the January resolution people, my beloved 7:15 spin class was already booked by 11 this morning. BEYOND. ANNOYING. Don’t get me wrong- of course I LOVE that people are trying to be active, but for members who are devoted and come year round we should be allowed first pick. The only plus side to this is now I can be home to watch The Biggest Loser tonight. Why do they start the show at 8 PM? Oh I guess normal people who don’t work crazy retail hours are actually home before then. I do not understand what that is like. But I am loving this season so far. I am completely in love with Jillian Michaels and had I known she were gay years ago, I would have jumped teams and tried to get her to marry me. Who needs men when you can have Jillian and she would train you every day?!

As hungry as I’ve been and with my lack of activity, I have tried to keep my meals as healthy as possible so I wouldn’t be working with too much damage once I was able to workout again! Some delicious eats as of lately:

photo (6)


I am on a huge cauliflower kick. I take half of a head and throw it in my Ninja, pulse it for a few until it turns into a rice consistency then cook it on a frying pan with coconut oil spray for about 10 minutes, stirring it every so often. I season it with garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and throw in some shredded cheese and parmesean cheese. Absolutely amazing. On the side I’ve been eating this 40 calorie-a-slice whole wheat bread (Arnold’s brand) with smashed avocado and sea salt.

photo (7)


I wish I could afford a green juice every day, but at $7 a pop here in the city it is a rare thing. This was kale, spinach, celery, apple, lemon and ginger and yes I gagged at every gulp. Just focus on the good it’s doing for your body!

photo (8)


LOVING this combo for lunch. Spinach, sweet potato chunks sauteed in coconut oil spray with red onion, garlic powder, topped with grilled chicken, hot sauce and dijon mustard.

photo (11)


One of my favorite combos since I was a kid- 1% no salt added cottage cheese with peas! PACKED with protein.

photo (9)


And what would a Sunday be without froyo? 16 Handles has been replaced in my heart with Midtown’s new Tutti Frutti. Their cinnamon roll flavor is perfect with everything- especially their CHOCOLATE COVERED MARSHMALLOWS. Yerp, I died too.

I finally have felt up to eating oats again after feeling sick for a couple weeks so I’ve been eating this delicious combo.

photo (10)


1/3 cup oats, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 TBSP vanilla ice cream protein powder, sugar-free syrup, diced apples, cinnamon and enough water to cover and let sit over night. In the morning, microwave then top with banana and PB. She’s back!

And I feel completely exhausted on my 7th day straight at work, and my first day back to working out. Cannot wait to be in bed, watching The Biggest Loser and cuddling! 🙂


4 thoughts on “No Jinxing”

  1. haha I love that you’d switch sides for Jillian. The only chick I’d switch sides for if she liked chicks is Jennifer Aniston. I have the BIGGEST girl crush on her, omg I die!! I know the feeling of losing all of your hard work after being sick, but just stay positive because your strength WILL come back and you’ll be even better than before you were sick! I have faith in you girl! 🙂

  2. Jen! You made an error when you wrote that you GAGGED every gulp down. Hmm, and I thought we were friends!! Glad to hear you’re healthy & back at it again! Keep it up & you’ll be better in no time (: xoxo -E

  3. I don’t care that it is only 10:30 but that fro yo looks mighty delicious 🙂 Glad to hear you are feeling better girl – I also hate being on meds.

  4. When I got sick during the summer with pneumonia and the flu (at the same time!!) I was out of commission for the better part of a month. After I was well enough to get back to the gym, I did lighter cardio and lifting for a while, but then all the sudden my strength came back in full force and I started lifting heavier. Sometimes your body needs the change of scenery to redevelop. It sucks hardcore that your muscles atrophy so fast but remember, fat burns fat! And muscles eat fat! Hang in there!

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