WTF Friday? On… Tuesday.

WTF Friday? Last Friday, that is. It was just a really… weird day. Not all bad because I spent my lunch break having coffee with one of my beautiful friends Ashley who I haven’t seen in years! Of course, it felt like no time had gone by. Love that about amazing friends!
photo (7)
My homeless beanie look is brought to you by NYC’s snowpocolypse. In fact, it was more a mix of snow, rain and HAIL and it hurt to walk in it. I saw women walking in heels in this slushy mess… HOW?!? I slipped 4 times and I was wearing Ugg’s. Ugh is right. I absolutely hate winter. Luckily this week has been warmer.

Before I get into Friday’s other event… I’ll show ya some eats worthy of mentioning last week.

Do you like those delicious but oh so fattening appetizers called jalapeno poppers? Deep fried balls of jalapenos and cheese? They were one of my favorite appetizers back when I used to not eat so healthy. Don’t get me wrong- you know I love to indulge in the unhealthy treats- but anything deep fried (except french fries, yay!) gives me an awful stomach ache now. My favorite kind were the ones stuffed with cream cheese, not cheddar cheese. Anyways.. I made an omelette that tastes just like them, but without the fried batter and well, not in ball form.

Jalapeno Popper Omelette

– 3 large egg whites
– 1 oz goat cheese crumbles (1/4 cup)
– Jarred jalapenos (or fresh, i prefer jarred), as many as ya want

Spray a fry pan with cooking spray, or oil of choice if that’s ya thaaaang. Crack in 3 egg whites and cook til they become white (about 2-3 mins). Toss in jalapenos and goat cheese. Cook an additional minute, then flip into omelette shape. Cook 1 more minute if you like it a little crispy, which I do.

Yum. Of course you can use whole eggs too! I am just partial to the taste of crispy egg whites. L O V E them. So the goat cheese is super creamy like cream cheese, and this really tastes like a jalapeno popper. I almost just typed pooper PS.

To get weird, I served mine on top of a sweet potato, with more goat cheese, sliced avocado and a chicken sausage. It worked, and it worked damn well.

photo (12)
So back to Friday – I’ll honestly just make it short and sweet cause I have oh so much homework to tend to (and a 4:45 AM wake up call tomorrow.) Part of the ceiling fell onto my head above my desk Friday afternoon and it was the second scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, first being my bad car accident I got into when I was 16. It crashed over my head, and attached to the tile was a dome shaped camera that hit the back of my neck. It somehow slid down the left side of my body and has left a big ol’ bruise there along with a scrape on the top of my left foot. It scared me so bad I had a really bad anxiety attack and broke out in these white and red splotches/dots that only happen when I have a serious attack. My head was pounding but I was just in such shock. Ah! Reliving it still scares the crap out of me. At least I had the weekend off to recover.

Saturday morning I felt fine so I went to the gym for an awesome workout. I ran about 1.5 miles then went to a class called Chisel. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD was this class intense. Thankfully it was similar to Jillian Michaels style of workouts, but my heart rate was never really below 160 the whole class! We did a lot of plyo for cardio, and fast weight lifting with lighter weights and high reps. I LOVED this and my whole body was so sore, which I love. I want to try this class twice a week if possible! Afterwards I ran/incline walked an additional 2.2 ish miles and then spent the rest of the weekend stuffing my face. Perfection.

Eats included:

Thai food that I hadn’t had since my birthday last year! John and I went to Room Service in Chelsea and started with the coconut calamari tempura with sweet chili sauce. I basically pick off the whole fried part and just eat the calamari so I don’t wind up with a horrible stomach ache. Then I had my favorite dish, pineapple chicken fried rice.

photo (8)

photo (9)

We also ate at another one of my favorite restaurant’s this weekend called Island Burger. Their menu is basically to choose hamburger or chicken (“churrasco” as they call it) and then choose toppings from their different creations. I went for the chicken Napalm which had a whole wheat pita with blackened grilled chicken, pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, spicy bbq sauce and habanero sauce.

Don't you love crap quality photos of food that I've already been eating? Thought so.
Don’t you love crap quality photos of food that I’ve already been eating? Thought so.

A few bites in and I was dying. I LOVE spicy foods but I had to take out some of the jalapenos. I’m used to jarred jalapenos and I think fresh may be spicier! Island Burger also has one of the best baskets of french fries I’ve ever had. I love them dipped into ketchup and blue cheese dressing.

photo (11)

Indulgence, I love ya. We didn’t stop there. Around the corner, Shake Shack welcomed us into their arms with a custard flavor-of-the-day of Coffee & Donuts. That was one of my favorite combos to have with my grandma, so really I HAD to try it. We got it concrete style (like a milkshake) with chocolate crunchies mixed in. Mmmm this was so so good!

photo (13)


I’ve been eating really clean the last few weeks so these indulgences tasted EXTRA good! My pants have been feeling loose too, so can’t complain there! Especially since I haven’t been working out a ton. 😉

What are your favorite indulgent foods?


4 thoughts on “WTF Friday? On… Tuesday.”

  1. omg. I want those fries and the milkshake. I am demanding you take me to the shake shack when I come visit. Ps you’d make such a pretty homeless hobo 🙂

    Favorite indulgent food are fries and a humungo burger!

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