Don’t Be Jealous…

…Of my superior photography skills.

photo (6)

photo (4)

These were taken Wednesday night on my 3.25-ish mile run after work. So, my skills for taking pictures while being in motion aren’t bad right? This run was hard. Not hard like “why did you let yourself get so out of running shape the last few months” hard, because THOSE thoughts I just push to the back of my mind. My legs didn’t feel amazing since I just stepped right out the door of my work and ran around Midtown East so I wouldn’t bypass the gym on my way home. It was so nice out this week compared to the last month of awful weather, so I had to take advantage. This run was mostly hard because I’ve been having some of my lovely stomach problems all week. When I ran on Monday morning, I got this side stitch pain that only happens if I’m in the middle of stomach issues. Wednesday night it happened again, and I struggled big time but I eventually finished. I’m still not using GPS to map my run/miles, just my heart rate monitor and hitting certain minute goals. “Garmin” or “watch” free if you will, though I have no running watch and just my iPhone. P.S.- loving not keeping track of my miles! While I know I’m slower than 10 minute miles right now, at least 97% sure I am, I know that running for 30 minutes is close enough to 3 miles that I don’t need sadly slow numbers to show me.

So while I’ve definitely slacked on workouts the last couple of months – by slacked I mean 2-3 times a week rather than my 5-6 day a week workout schedule – I’ve been working hard to keep eating clean and focusing on my schoolwork big time. It’s almost mid-term, and my grades are reflecting hard work and many late nights of studying. That right now is more important to me than working out every day. Taking 5 online classes and working 45+ hours per week is not easy feat, and I have no intentions of ever completely stopping exercise because it is a passion of mine and oh-so important to our bodies and minds. I just know that it’s okay to cut back when other things in life come up. So why did I choose to start training for a half marathon just over 2 months away? Cause I’m insane. And needed a good challenge, obvi.

Today I ran 40 minutes while waiting for laundry to dry, and I did it in shorts because it’s March 1st. It was about 42 degrees and would have been great but it was pretty windy. This resulted in extremely red and windburned legs.


I probably also could have chosen running shorts that were a litttttle longer. Oops! But the run was pretty good and a little hilly because you can’t escape them in my neighborhood.

photo (21)


Eats that are noteworthy this week:

photo (22)

Half-eaten whole wheat 40 calorie per slice toast topped with peanut apple goop. The goop was made with about 2 tbsp peanut flour, 2-3 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce, a few drops of vanilla stevia and a little water til it thinned out. It was super random but it sounded good and tasted great!

photo (20)


Oats for dinner last night! These were chocolate egg white oats (made with cocoa powder & chocolate stevia) topped with banana, coconut oil pb, roasted coconut chips and a drizzle of Walden Farms caramel syrup. Yep, that good.

And now my Friday night is lookin’ like this:

photo (18)

Studying (err blogging right now and procrastinating), veggies and dip (light ranch + hot sauce), diet rootbeer. Getting into bed early as I have a HUGE day ahead of me tomorrow- I will blog about it Monday! 😉

What are your weekend plans? 


1 thought on “Don’t Be Jealous…”

  1. I loved how you named it peanut apple good haha — too funny!! 42 degrees and shorts??? haha that’s brave — I would’ve been in 4 layers, but that’s only due to the fact that I live in the desert. lovely post :]

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