Oh, hellllllllo.

Please tell me you watch the Nick Kroll show on Comedy Central? It’s so funny. If you do, then you get the reference of my title. Too much tuna.



Let’s play catch up with some pictures, shall we? It’s been a busy but eventful couple of weeks. I am technically on “spring break” from my online classes (God bless the fact that they give that to us even online!) so this upcoming week will be slightly less hectic. I have my first ever jury duty summons on Monday. I’m kinda hoping I get picked! Yes, I of course think it will play out like Law & Order. Just let me have that.

A couple weeks ago, John and I saw one of our favorite comedians out in Brooklyn. The show was fricken’ awesome. I LOVE comedy with a passion. I’ve never seen a Broadway show so I can’t exactly compare, but I think I am more of a comedy show gal rather than a play gal. It was a small venue (also a good thing) so we got to hang out with the comedians for a bit after the show.

photo (20)

His name is Eddie Pepitone and you should check him out. He’s an actor too so he’s been in some things you may have seen! Hilarious man, and SO sweet!

I decided to chop 10 inches off my hair. Best decision I’ve made in quite some time.

photo (14)


photo (11)


photo (12)


I’m obsessed with it. So low-maintenance! My hair stylist added in some darker highlights with the blonde and it’s a really great blend right now.

While I was upstate visiting my family, I did some fun things along with chopping my hair off. These things included 4 of my favorite things.

photo (17)


Bowling at an old school bowling alley. No TV screens, just straight up old ass computer screens with the scores on them. So much fun!

photo (15)


Bowling shoes. This picture actually is part of my 2nd favorite thing I did while there, which is shopping. Those are new  workout pants from TJ Maxx for $12.99! A brand called 90 Degrees. I’m loving these so far.

photo (13)


Ran this 4 mile path on a gorgeous morning. This is the path I would walk every day, sometimes twice, during my big weight loss. Great memories from the beginning of my journey 🙂

photo (19)


BUBBLE TEA!!!! I’ve had bubble tea once since moving to NYC and it was NOT good. This is a cafe in Vestal called K&K’s Teahouse where I actually worked for a short period of time a long time ago. I get the cold coconut milk black sweetened with honey and tapioca balls. Literally the best drink IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I do not mess around with this statement.

I’ve been off the wagon with exercise and healthy eating BIG TIME the last couple of weeks. I’m blaming it on the awful weather that won’t quit, but I don’t have an ounce of motivation and it’s disgusting. It seems like a lot of people I know are going through this, but I just need to snap out of it. I have a good 20 pounds I need to lose now and definitely need to make a dent in it before it starts to get warm! I’m officially starting to revamp myself this Monday. ‘Cause we all know a plan can’t really begin til it’s a Monday. Duh.

Who’s with me?

If you’re Irish like me, Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow! 🙂


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