Eat, walk, run.

Perhaps my blog name should just be changed to ‘weekend recaps’ or something since it’s what most of my writing is about. In my defense, it’s the only time I usually eat things worth documenting (read: delicious & not super clean) in my mind… I mean my clean eats just haven’t been original lately. Need to change that soon. I’ve been so bored with my lunches lately that I’ve been spending money out and it’s just out of laziness. Too lazy to meal prep so gotta snap out of that! I know my blog is supposed to be mostly health foods and fitness but that gets a little boring sometimes, quite honestly!

So about that weekend recap… ALL I did last weekend that I had off was eat, walk and run. With my two favorite people in the world, Brenda and John. The perfect weekend, basically. Saturday morning I slept in until almost 11 AM, which is unheard of in my life. I didn’t eat or make my way to the shower til going on 1, so brunch happened with John at about 2:30 at one of my favorite places here that I’ve wrote about, Grey Dog Cafe. There’s always a long line for brunch but it’s so worth the wait! I ordered bacon egg and cheese on their homemade cranberry whole wheat bread with a small side of potatoes with peppers and onions. Delicious little carb-load for Sunday’s run.
photo (12)
John had the french toast which came with a ton of fruit that he of course passed off to me.
photo (13)
This was accompanied with a few soy iced coffees. They also brew their own coffee and it’s really good!

We spent the rest of the day walking around and I stayed full until 9 that night! We ended up having dinner at a gorgeous Sicilian restaurant in Chelsea/Flatiron called Granduca di Sicilia. The interior was amazing but dimly lit so I chose not to scare everyone with my camera flash. I started with a salad that had greens, green apple slices, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese and beets. Delicious.
photo (19)
Pizza is my pre long run dinner of choice so we had a super thin and very long one. This is the worst picture ever but I was trying to be stealth and take a picture as the waitress was cutting the pizza for us.

photo (16)

You can barely see it, but trust that it tasted great and we killed the entire pizza in about 10 minutes. We did not receive normal looks.

Brenda and I ran an amazing 9 miles Sunday morning, despite each being out late and getting only about 4 hours sleep. I felt AWFUL in the beginning, and completely drained at the end. But the miles in the middle, doing laps around the reservoir with my best friend is a feeling I can’t describe! I went home and felt extremely sick and massively exhausted, mainly due to being dehydrated. I need to start bringing my handheld water bottle with me on long runs again, even though it’s not super warm out. Later in the afternoon, John and I ventured out to The Meatball Shop. We hadn’t been there since we moved here two years ago, and now they have a few more locations open making it easier to actually get in. I highly recommend trying this restaurant at one of it’s locations if you live here or are visiting! You basically choose what type of meat you want your balls to be (spicy pork, beef, chicken, veggie, etc), what sauce you want, and what you want them on (greens, veggies, hero, pasta). I went with the spicy pork balls, over roasted asparagus, potatoes, and feta with the parmesan cream sauce. To die for.

photo (18)

The only thing I would recommend with a heavier sauce like this is asking for it on the side. This was WAY too much sauce so I had to scrape a lot off with each bite. I’ve become accustomed to asking for dressing and sauce on the side and overtime use significantly less!

As we walked around the west village and Soho, we stopped and shared some more delicious foods including ice cream cones from Big Gay Ice Cream (sadly forgot to get a pic)…

A butterscotch caramel cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes (I had a small bite and wasn’t impressed at all, but they have swings for seats which was adorable!). Also a cookie dough tea from David’s Tea.

photo (14)

Ab amazing 7 layer magic bar from Bourbon Coffee (a longtime favorite of ours)

photo (15)


Please note: these sweet treats are all shared with John. If I ate all this sugar in one day, I would literally puke my guts out. I also take the smaller half to save on calories!

The one food I didn’t share was my first lobster roll. A staple in NYC, and it took me 2 years to cave and get one. The biggest factor being that they are expensive. Like $17 a pop expensive. But walking around Soho we found one that advertised $10 rolls, and it was well worth the wait.

photo (17)


I got it sans butter and mayo, although I think there was definitely still butter on it. It didn’t need anything extra, completely perfect plain!

Yum! Nothing better than walking and running tons of miles followed by completely indulging 😉 I’m ready for this weekend, which just so happens to be my birthday weekend!


6 thoughts on “Eat, walk, run.”

    1. Hope you had a great weekend in the city!! where did you end up eating? Grey Dog is seriously my favorite restaurant in the city. Love the food, love the vibe!

    1. Yes, and since my bday is at the end of March I also use at least the first 2 weeks into April as it also being my birthday. 😉

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