Tuesday Tens!

One of my new favorite blogs to read is a cute little gal whose blog goes by the name Olive to Run. How adorable is that name first off? Her posts are inspirational and so fun to read! She includes plenty of hilarious meme’s about working out that never cease to crack me up. I liked her “Tuesday tens” post today and decided to include some of my own! Make sure you check out her blog and do one of your own “Tuesday tens!”

Ten Workouts I Love

  • Running, obviously! I’ve been increasing my weekly mileage while trying to stay injury-free
  • Walking. Once the weather warms up I always want to get outside and walk when I can!
  • Spin class. Sadly I haven’t been in a few weeks due to crazy amounts of school work at night 😦
  • Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30- I try to do it 1-2 times a week, however I plan to do it more once school is over!
  • Vinyasa Yoga. Ahh sadly haven’t been in months and again will increase that once school is over and have more time.
  • Kickboxing. REALLY haven’t done this in probably 2 years, but I miss it and I’d love to get back into it.
  • Zumba. I used to go every Wednesday night and it was the flattest my stomach has ever been. Miss it.
  • Swimming. I SUCK royally at swimming but that’s also because I’ve never been taught properly!
  • Random squats & push-ups in the bathroom at work throughout the day. True story. I’ve noticed a difference in my thighs and shoulders, ya’ll!
  • Chisel class at CRUNCH. I took it once and was sore for a week. Again, no time right now.

Ten Foods I’m Diggin’

  • Wheat bran, as discussed in my previous post. I’m experimenting with it for protein mug cakes, hopefully will have a good recipe soon!
  • Justin’s vanilla almond butter. Ohhhhmygosh so good. But at $10 a jar, it’s a special treat!
  • Coconut egg-white wrap/tortilla from Amanda’s blog. Still loving it!
  • 2% plain greek yogurt. Mmm SUCH a difference from nonfat, way way better!
  • Special K Red Berries cereal w/ unsweetened almond milk. My latest dessert 😉
  • GU Chomps in strawberry. This is so random, but I feel like such a runner when I take these during a long run. These are like adult gushers! Gu-Chomps-Strawberry
  • Quest cookie dough protein bars. Soooo good.
  • Mac ‘n cheese pizza. I’ve only had it at pizza place here in NYC that I love called Uncle Mario’s in Hells Kitchen, but it’s been on my mind since I had it almost a month ago. RIDICULOUSLY good but crazy indulgent. A.K.A. #ThisIsWhyIRunmac
  • Jalapenos. On everything. And hot sauce. Ahhhh I can’t get enough!
  • Earth Balance coconut peanut butter. I highly doubt another PB will ever replace this!

Ten Products I Can’t Live Without

  • My Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s. They changed my life in terms of running (almost) pain-free. I just ordered the 8’s and have to say I am not impressed. They feel a lot different to me!
  •  Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. I wash my hair twice a week, so I use this every single day. To my knowledge no one can tell that my hair is constantly dirty, so this shit works 😉 not-your-mothers-dry-shampoo
  • Jergen’s Natural Glow daily moisturizer. I use this every morning and love how it gives my face a hint of tan without overdoing it! I have super dry skin and this moisturizes it perfectly with no oily residue. Jergens-Natural-Glow-moisturizer-coupon
  • For the days I do wash my hair, I almost always use Shimmer Lights shampoo. It keeps my blonde bright and vibrant while still giving it moisture. For a conditioner, I swear by Aussie 3 minute miracle. Keep in mind, only washing my hair twice a week allows me to use a deep conditioner each time and works for me. clairol-shimmer-lights-shampoo   aussie
  • Runkeeper App. I once had a Garmin and got realllly sick of trying to find satellites in-between the buildings in NYC. Literally, ain’t nobody got time for that. Runkeeper app works fast and efficiently enough for me, as I am not elite athlete or trying to win races. I just like to know the distance I’ve gone and the pace. I like that I can play my music and have my GPS going at the same time, all on my iPhone in case I have an emergency and need to call someone.
  • Rimmel London Scandal-Eyes mascara. I am the most low-maintenance girl you’ll ever meet in terms of make-up. Like, I hardly wear it and when I do it’s just bronzer and mascara. This mascara is amazing and makes my eyelashes crazy long and full! eye
  • That bronzer I use when I so rarely wear make-up is California Tan’s bronzing powder. Love love love it.caltan
  • My gigantic brown Marc Jacobs canvas bag that serves as my gym bag. I’ve had this baby for 4 years and I hope I never lose it. marc
  • The best red nail polish ever, which is what my nails are almost always painted with. Wet n Wild Red Wild Shine. $1 and works perfectly.wild


What are your Tuesday Tens?


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tens!”

  1. LOVE that you did this 🙂 Thank you for linking me.
    Your Mac and Cheese pizza reminds me of college when I’d eat BBQ pizza… I might have to give that a try again soon!

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing. Your 10 workouts I love just gave me some new ideas for workouts I need to try. I’m all about trying new things to spice up my routine right now. Zumba is definitely on the list and now that you said “flat stomach” I’m digging it even more.

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you got some new ideas! Zumba is so much fun, even though you feel a little silly the first time 🙂 I think it’s more fun BECAUSE I have no rhythm, haha!

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