Jillian Michaels: Maximize Your Life

Well yesterday was a fantastic day to say the least! My mom’s amazing friend Joyce got us tickets to see Jillian Michaels on her current tour, Maximize Your Life. If you know me you know I LOVE Jillian. Like MAJOR girl crush on this lady. I’ve done many of her workout dvd’s with amazing results and I listen to her podcasts on runs. I’ve never followed The Biggest Loser very consistently, although I did watch most of the past season. Truth be told, I don’t support extreme weight loss the way they make the contestants do it or Jillian’s in-your-face attitude with them. She did explain some of the show yesterday and now that small negative part of her is now cleared up for me!

Jillian is so real and raw, and the entire time you feel like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with her. She broke down the ‘secret’ to weight loss and definitely made us all laugh. She literally said.. “Eat less. Move more. And yes, I’ve made millions off this concept and I feel at some point I should stop taking your money for it!” I loved this, because as a weight-loss guru myself I am asked my “secrets” all the time. I always laugh at this question because people expect me to really have some kind of secret and are often shocked to hear I did it the only way there is to do it LONG-TERM. Well except for the eat less part… Maybe my secret is choose eating clean cause you can have mammoth portions 🙂 Haha.

I admit I knew most of what she talked about regarding nutrition and fitness, but I loved that she educated the audience on figuring out your BMR- Basil Metabolic Rate. NOT to be confused with BMI- Body Mass Index. AKA the chart that tells me I’m almost obese at my current weight, and that I was just barely healthy at my lowest weight. NOT that! BMR is a great tool and I encourage you to google “BMR calculator” to really see how many calories it takes JUST to stay alive. After that, google “active BMR calculator” to figure in your activity level. This is something I’ve done within the last 6 months and it’s made me really realize that 1200 calories at my height and body type is a recipe for a damaged metabolism. I truly believe now that once I chose to start eating more when I was at my lowest weight and had lost my period, my body was so shocked by it that it stored the extra calories as fat and I gained weight back really quickly. I wasn’t eating junk and really had no idea how much more I should be eating and it was before I knew what BMR was.  I take accountability that I allow too much junk in my diet the past year, but I know my body is still adjusting to eating at my BMR also.

I also love that this tour is not just about weight loss. She speaks for about 2.5 hours total, with a little 15 minute break, and only the first half is geared towards weight loss. The second half was so much about getting the most out of life, breaking some rules (legally of course), following your dreams and not always doing what we feel we “should” do. She is so open and shares so much of her own life and past with you that you feel very connected to her. She keeps it 100% real, no gimmicks and very honest.

I feel like I’ve been “stuck” for over a year now, being really lost with what I want to do with my life and how to do it. She obviously didn’t cure me of that but I feel like I have some extra motivation to really look at my life harder and harsher. I know I want to be involved in health and fitness as my career in some capacity, just still not sure how. One thing I can say is that I have wanted to be a motivational speaker since middle school, and seeing Jillian yesterday sparked that passion in me. The only difference is in middle school I had no clue what I would motivate people on, and now I know. 🙂

She still has more tour dates, so if she comes near your town I would highly recommend seeing her! 


6 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: Maximize Your Life”

  1. Thanks Jen…. I am realizing that no matter how I track my eating- WW points, MFP etc. I need to eat about 1500 calories… *sigh* now if I could just do that consistently!

    I want to see Jillian when she comes to South Florida- but I’ll be in Chicago… bummer!

    1. Consistency is the most important factor of weight loss and of course, the hardest! Missing Jillian is a bummer but Chicago seems like such a cool city!

  2. Love Jillian Michaels and love this post! That is so interesting about the whole BMI issue – what are your thoughts on that? Obviously your body told you what was healthiest for you, and you look/feel amazing and wonderful and healthy! It is so easy to get caught up in the whole BMI mind trap! Why do you think medical communities still use this as a gauge for health? Any tips for overcoming all that bullshiz mentally? 😉

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