Post Race Blues & SVU (obvi)

I read about running constantly and I totally love being a runner nerd. I’ve read that after races some people experience “post race blues” and it’s never happened to me before, maybe because my races before hand were all relatively easy for me (4 miler, 5 miler, 10K). The half marathon was a solid 2+ months of training that took over my weekends and kept me almost completely alcohol free (save for a birthday night drink and a few on a Sunday evening after my longest run) and lost me about 8 pounds (guesstimating but around there.) My plan was to let my body rest from working out for the Monday-Friday after the race and do an easy run this past Saturday, then take Sunday off to have a week off from any long runs. I walked 4 miles with Brenda and her brother the day after the half, about 3 miles last Tuesday plus a little upper body lift, maybe 2-3 Wednesday and then nothing Thursday or Friday. I wasn’t feeling anxious about it until Friday, so I woke up Saturday and had a great workout.

photo (7)


A super hot and sweaty 4 mile run followed by an “8 minute arms” workout posted on Sometimes Healthy Living Blog. Great little burn from those 8 minutes!

I had barely any appetite all this past week and felt like my clothes were pretty loose. I think I definitely lost extra water weight after the half and then from not working out this week. When I did eat last week it wasn’t exactly quality or very clean, but it wasn’t overboard either. I figured with a week off from working out AND this semester being over, I’d be able to reset my body with extra sleep but that did not happen. It was the worst week of sleep I’ve gotten in years! Between allergies and travel, my body was out of whack and now it’s Monday and I’m beyond exhausted. Ugh!

So I’m just a ball of blah with a side of PMS. Not a good combo. But at least from all my nerd-runner reading, I know there is a definite blue period following a big race like a half or a full. And you may be wondering, am I considering a full? There is a full/half choice in my future this fall. The half is a no-brainer, of course I want to run it. It’s near my hometown in a beautiful part of upstate NY and it’s supposedly a very flat course. The full is $10 more than the half. The training for the half wasn’t too time consuming during the week (just some 3,4 milers) but a full training plan? Not that I have much of a social life these days anyways since I don’t love to drink anymore, but it’s such a commitment not to mention so harsh on your body. But I want to cross a full off my bucket list at some point… I’ve just always hoped it could be the NYC marathon! #DreamOn

On another note, I spent most of my weekend at work (thumbs down) but then the other part was spent with Brenda (thumbs up!) Saturday night we took over her boyfriend’s Upper West Side apartment while he was out of town and used it to… lay on the couch in the air conditioning watching TV and eating mexican food. Shhh don’t let him know how wild we are! Brenda introduced me to a Mexican food gem on the neighborhood called Comida Economica. We weren’t super hungry so we just ordered 1 taco for us each, some chips with pico de gallo and avocado cornbread. We got CACTUS tacos and besides kinda just looking and tasting like grilled green peppers, they were delicious. The food was super fresh and I can’t wait to eat there again!

photo (9)

I’m planning to go home after work tonight and just relax, and reset starting tomorrow since I will be off work the next two days. I am counting the seconds until my Ikea futon/bed is holding me tight.

For now, I leave you with a picture of me looking extremely exhausted (told ya I am) with the 2nd love of my life (1st is Chris Meloni duh) Detective Nick Amaro from Law and Order: SVU. He was casually walking up 58th street at 8:45 AM last Thursday as I was walking down it, and I of course yelled his (TV) name and he laughed and agreed to take a picture. Actual conversation that happened:

Me: “Great. Of course I look like shit for a picture with you.”

Detective Nick Amaro a.k.a. Danny Pino (real name): “You DON’T look like shit.”

He seriously emphasized the “don’t” so I can only take that to mean that he fell in love with me and wants to marry me soon.

photo (10)


Love you and your randomness, NYC.

Have you ever felt the post race blues?

If you’re an SVU fan (if not I can’t be friends with you) ; Stabler or Amaro?!


2 thoughts on “Post Race Blues & SVU (obvi)”

  1. I definitely had serious post-race blues after my half marathon. I was depressed and didn’t want to do ANYTHING. After a week off from running and blogging, I feel a lot better and have more motivation.

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