CLICK Protein Espresso Giveaway!

If you’re close with me, one thing you know about me is that I’m a coffee fiend. Iced coffee with soy milk, to be exact. It’s an every day necessity for me and it’s become less about the caffeine effect (let’s be honest, after years of drinking coffee it doesn’t exactly work like the first time 😉 and more about the amazing taste. When I heard about CLICK, the protein powder that actually contains espresso, I died a little. It had to be too good to be true right? I had seen it all over Skinny Runner’s blog and figured she wouldn’t lie about such a thing (girl likes her coffee too, and I trust her cause she ain’t afraid to use some artificially flavored creamer in hers! haha)  Luckily the great people at CLICK sent me some to try myself. I picked out a container of the mocha flavor, and they sent along a shaker bottle and a packet each of vanilla latte and mocha decaf.

I dug into the vanilla latte packet on my way to see the Jillian Michaels tour and mixed it with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, about 1.25 cups worth.


Tasted awfully naughty, like it would have a whole ton of sugar and not a lot of protein. Turns out the packet (equivalent to 2 scoops out of the full size container) has 120 calories, 6 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of protein! Depending on what kind of milk you use you can have a great post-workout drink that could have 20+ grams of protein plus the pick-me-up delivered from caffeine!

photo (3)

See? Me with coffee = happy! Even in gross Long Island Rail Road bathrooms.

The mocha is delicious and definitely tastes like a sinful drink you’d get at the Bux! Fortunately for you you can save a lot of calories and sugar by using CLICK, not to mention money. One of my favorite ways to use the mocha flavor is actually not in the form of a drink! I introduce to you, mocha banana oatmeal.

photo (4)

This is my usual oat base (1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup wheat bran, banana) with 1 scoop of the mocha CLICK. SO AMAZING! With melty cherry chocolate peanut butter on top? Dessert for breakfast ya’ll!

Last but not least, I tried the packet of decaf mocha as an afternoon snack. I don’t drink coffee after noon-ish anymore because it tends to give me a killer headache, so I love that decaf is an option when you want the protein and espresso taste without the caffeine boost. Tasted just like the regular mocha!

photo (2)

In the spirit of keeping it real let me add this: if you are a super “clean” eater, you probably won’t like that CLICK has a lot of ingredients in it. I don’t mind because everything else I eat tends to be pretty clean, and I do what I wanna do yo!

And because I love ya’ll and want you to experience the yummy-ness that is CLICK, I will be picking a winner to receive their own choice of flavor and a shaker bottle!

To enter, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite way to drink coffee is!

For additional entries:  

Go to Facebook and “like” CLICK’s page and leave a comment on their page telling them you are entering my giveaway (Artificially Balanced blog) and leave me a comment telling me you did!

Follow CLICK on twitter: and tweet about my giveaway! Come back and leave another comment telling me you did!

Also be sure to visit CLICK’s webpage. They have a great sample kit so you can try the flavors before committing to a full canister!

Contest will close Thursday May 23rd at 11:00 AM.

NOTE: You do not have to be a blogger yourself to comment and win! I appreciate and love all feedback so if you’re a reader and not a blogger, I’d love to see your comments on my posts! 🙂 


36 thoughts on “CLICK Protein Espresso Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite way to drink coffee is to have it over ice! With hazelnut flavor. And if I am feeling really naughty I’ll add some light whipped cream. Yum!

  2. If there was a way to tap coffee right to the vein thru an IV i would do it… and i hate IV’s…. but I like any coffee and any flavors usually with sweet n low and half and half…..

  3. My favorite way is blended with soy milk and ice. Sometimes I add a little chocolate sugar free torani and its a mocha frapp

  4. I love to drink my coffee iced… I jus love this product I use to add protein to my coffee in the mornings but with click I jus add it to water or unsweetened almond milk and I love it it is so yummy

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. I love click!!!! I licked them on facebook and twitter. I posted on there fb page and tweeted about the giveaway.

  6. hey ! I never tried click but I should since I love coffee and working out ! I love my coffee light and sweet and full of flavor just like me ! I need a good protein but always afraid to try things because my husband says it’ll get my fat ?! wrong only if you work out the wrong way. I hope I win I’d love to get my hands on some click !

  7. Yummy! I love Click! …I’ve enjoyed it (with almond or coconut milk) for about five years now. …With summer nearing, it’s time for iced coffee/Click–oftentimes, I make ice cubes out of coffee (or decaf, so I can enjoy one later in the day) so the iced coffee doesn’t get watered down.
    …Commented and tweeted about your giveaway! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win some Click!

  8. I like a hot cup of coffee in the morning with some almond milk too! Click sounds fabulous thanks so much!

  9. I usually just like plain hot coffee, but if I’m feeling fancy, then I like cafe misto (with steamed, hot milk) 🙂

  10. You know my stance with coffee, but this might be a good thing to add to my morning shakes to wake this girl up! ps you’re so cuteeeeee

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