Momofuku Ramen

Here in NYC, ramen places are super popular and evidently everyone but me has tried it at some point. I’m not a huge fan of asian foods; I rarely get cravings for sushi and I can’t eat chinese food anymore without getting an awful stomach ache for days. John had tried ramen at Momofuku which is really popular here so I decided to tag along and try it last week. I was weary going into it because I try not to experiment with foods too often because of my IBS, and I knew this was going to be at least a bit oily. We got to Momofuku a half hour before they re-opened for their dinner hours, and there was already a line forming.




Once inside, we were seated right at the kitchen bar which was so cool. It had a hibachi feel to it since you were watching the chef’s make the food literally a couple feet from you.

photo (27)


The menu is really small, just 1 page, and some options change daily. I’m not a fan of hot foods in general, which I’m aware makes me weird. I’d rather let food get cold before eating it, including soup! So I went with their chilled noodle option, which was called Chilled Spicy Noodles. It had spicy sausage, spinach and cashews in it which sounded plain enough for me!

photo (26)


Verdict? This is one of the TOP 5 BEST THING I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE. To be honest, the only other dish I’ve had that I can think of as being the “best” was the calamari salad at Morimoto. That was one of my first blog posts! Anyways, I’m generally a pretty slow eater but I wolfed this sucker down fast. Seriously- if you’re visiting NYC or live here but haven’t gone yet, I’m begging you to go. This was REALLY spicy, but that’s how I love it. The cashews were slightly candied (amazing) and the portion of noodles was perfect; not big at all which I was happy with! I’m already envisioning this meal sometime when I’m hungover. So salty. John went with the basic Momofuku ramen, and it was also really delicious.

photo (25)


That’s pork shoulder, green onions, seaweed, noodles, radish, and a poached egg.

With stuffed bellies, we of course still ordered dessert. The great thing about eating with John is we can order dessert to share and I can have just a bite, knowing he will devour the rest! With only 3 dessert options, we went with the Pancake Cake truffles. The waitress said they were basically cake pops that tasted like pancakes with syrup. Ummm, sold.

photo (24)


Stop. They were ridiculous.

GO THERE NOW. Or next time you visit. Please. Then talk to me in food porn terms after. Better yet, invite me with you 🙂

What is one of the top 5 best things you’ve ever eaten in your life? 


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