Sorry, as usual, for the length of time between my posts. What’s my excuse this time? Well, I’ve been pretty sick and trying to figure out what the heck it is. I finally went to a GI Doctor last week who thinks it’s just my IBS getting worse (ahem, stress) but I had an ultrasound yesterday just to be sure. Nothing wrong with my stomach they said, but I have a huge cyst on my right ovary. Um, random? Definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’ve been having lower back pain/ really bad cramping for the last month and I’m on birth control so I usually don’t get bad cramps. I thought at first maybe it was a kidney infection, but the pain kinda went away, then started to get bad and make my stomach so sick and crampy for weeks now. So yeeeeeah, a cyst could be causing all this on top of my IBS. I’ll be finding out more tonight once I have an internal ultrasound (really disliking being a girl.)

That’s the short version. What else has gone on? Welp, eating and some fitness. It’s been so hot and humid and honestly running long distances haven’t seemed appealing at all. Plus with some nagging knee pain ever since my half marathon in May, I’ve been sticking to 3-4 miles 2-3 times a week. I’ve been hitting up weight classes that I’ve been loving, along with Bikram and then of course I went upstate last weekend and haven’t really worked out in almost a week. Gotta love losing the groove. I’ll get it back. No worries over here!

What’s that? Oh yes, I bought 30 days of Bikram, and I’ve been twice. I LOVED it both times, but it’s hard to find class times with my work schedule. But I’m hoping to make it in Thursday-Saturday this week after work.


My weekend upstate was super fast and jam-packed. I really don’t enjoy visiting Binghamton anymore at all, so I’m happy to keep my visits short. Friday morning I got up to get my rental car and ran 4 miles at the Rail Trail, back where I used to walk 2-3 times a day when I was first losing weight. Love how flat the trail is!

Love that they added an outdoor cafe!
Love that they added an outdoor cafe!

Later on I got my hair done by my fabulous hair stylist who is now working at Friends & Co in Johnson City for my upstate readers. The salon is AMAZING and I highly recommend checking out Patrick, Keith or Sherette!

Great look for me, yeah?
Great look for me, yeah?

I have been craving Outback Steakhouse for MONTHS, super randomly, so my mom and I had dinner there Friday night. My favorite meal there:

House salad with honey must <3
House salad with honey must ❤
open-faced grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries <3
open-faced grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries ❤

Saturday morning I had breakfast with my dad then we walked a few miles at my high-school track. Always feels so weird to go back!

photo (15)

I went down to PA to say hi to John’s mom and her beautiful garden!

photo (14)

Saturday night was a night out with my friends and family!

photo (17)

photo (18)

photo (20)

photo (21)

And the night ended at 4:00 AM at Denny’s, just like old times. Except this time I ordered food from the “fit” menu instead of a platter of zesty nachos! Haha 🙂 I had the banana pecan multi-grain pancakes with egg whites and turkey bacon. Honestly, I was barely drunk so this is an honest opinion… it was freaking GOOD. I barely finished the pancakes because they were HUGE, but I had to have one of my friend’s “pancake puppies”… I mean, come on.

photo (19)


2 hours later, at 6:00 am, I was on the bus back to my home. New York fucking City.

Where is your home? Has your home changed since you were younger? 

What is your favorite drunk food? I mean mine is obviously pizza, but this was pretty great!


1 thought on “Yeeeeeah.”

  1. ugh girl, I’m glad that you sort of got an answer to everything going on. Hopefully this cyst can be destroyyyyed and you’ll start feeling a little better. That outdoor cafe is so cute! I’d love to run under it haha. Those pancakes sound amazing! I think my favorite drunk food is ritz crackers dipped in, wait for you, peanut butter 🙂

    oxoxoxoxoxoxo love your freaking face. nyc, i’m coming soon. please be warned that I am just going to show up on your stoop

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