Comedy + Food.

I have great titles for my posts, I know. Quit your jealousy now.

It’s already Thursday and this week has been kinda awesome. The heat outside? Not so much. I think I might finally be adjusting to the heat in the morning on my runs, because I ran 4 this morning and didn’t feel like dying. I drank close to 24 oz of water during my run, which says a lot. But I usually am just a huge loser during the week (okay, every day of the week) but I actually did stuff Monday AND Tuesday night this week, and I just feel so cool I have to share. Mainly because you have to check out the place we ate at Monday… if you’re in Brooklyn, that is.

John and I went to The Bell House in Brooklyn for a comedy show called, literally, #DadBoner. Amazing. It featured a few comedians I wasn’t familiar with except the main guy who just wrote a book called Power Moves. I was moved to tears multiple times during the show from laughing so hard. One of the comedians was Aidy Bryant from SNL which was cool! She’s adorable and super funny.

photo (7)

After the show it was pretty late and we were starving, and we stumbled upon a place called Michael & Ping’s. The menu is basically chinese food, but a little healthier. It’s a little fast-food chain feeling (think classier than Chipotle but along those lines) but the food was fucking OUTSTANDING. Excuse my language, but when I love food I must swear. John had the general tso chicken which was way less breaded/fried than normal versions and came with veggies and white rice. I had a bite and the sauce = delicious. I had the “main mein salad” which was cold sesame noodles with a bunch of veggies with a spicy peanut sauce. I also had a shrimp eggroll on the side which was basically oil free (no grease at all) and huge. Sweet chili sauce on the side for dipping. The plate of noodles was less than $7 and I didn’t even finish HALF- that’s insane for me, as I eat like a linebacker.

photo (9)


The leftover noodles covered in more hot sauce Tuesday was a great thing. I will be making special trips to Brooklyn to enjoy healthier chinese food, finally!

Tuesday night I had to get another ultrasound and luckily I am totally fine, no cyst at all and it’s just my IBS getting worse. I mean, that sucks, but I’m glad it’s not that plus lady part problems. My gyno described my vagina as “perfect inside and out!” and I gotta say- I’m pretty freaking stoked about that. #HumbleBrag

Vagina’s aside, John and I went to try a new east side place since we were in the neighborhood (and basically avoid the Upper East Side like the plague)  called Burgerfi. Recommended to me by my co-worker (who I now know has completely opposite taste in food that I do) we tried it out and it is very sub par to Shake Shack. I had the veggie burger which was a quinoa based burger and of course didn’t mention contained corn. I didn’t realize it til my last bite when I looked down and saw it. Corn is the #1 food I have to stay away from with my IBS (yes, even my beloved tortilla chips are a thing of the past) so this annoyed me. I liked that they had a ton of free toppings (I had mine with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and jalapenos) but the fries straight up sucked. They were just bland fried sticks. I had the parmesan sprinkled herb kind and even the herbs had no taste?

photo (10)


Yeah, I won’t go again. John said his burger just tasted like Wendy’s. So save a few bucks and go to Wendy’s.

To redeem my taste buds, I went to NYC’s newest (I think) froyo place that I have heard great things about; Orange Leaf! This was hands down the BEST froyo I’ve ever had. Did I wake up at 3 AM with a screaming stomach ache? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

photo (11)


I had cookie cake, brownie batter and OATMEAL COOKIE topped with graham crackers and glazed pecans. Legit #TreatYoSelf

Health side note- Yes, I balance out these treat meals with healthier breakfasts and lunch. I’m loving that I’m learning to LIVE my life instead of obsessively count every calorie that goes in my mouth. It’s a great feeling of freedom!

What delicious foods have you eaten this week?

Ever been to a comedy show? Who’d ya see? Big time bucket list comedian is Louie C.K. I’d die for him.


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