Weekend + Watermelon

Happy Tuesday! Today is my first day off of work in 8 days, so I slept in a little and spent about 2 hours meal prepping for the rest of the weeks lunch and dinners. I blasted some tunes, danced my ass off, and was sweating like I was in a Bikram yoga class in my kitchen. It all put me in such a good mood! It was a super fun way to start the day!

My weekend was a great one. Saturday night John and I had dinner at a restaurant within a comedy club called The Stand. We decided not to see the show and just have dinner, and it was super good and so fun. I ordered the portobello mushroom burger with waffle fries, and it was very interesting. When it first came out I was disappointed to see that it looked fried. It was stacked high with a tomato covered in pesto, which I did not like at all, but after the first bite the mushroom wasn’t fried! Just had some breadcrumbs on it, but it was mostly just mushrooms. The thickness of the burger came from a TON of mushrooms inside. Waffle fries aren’t my fav, so I passed most of them off to John.

photo (38)


While eating dinner, Tracy Morgan was hanging out inside and outside the restaurant! I’m not a huge fan of him, and he didn’t seem like an approachable person. So, we just took a creeper style pic of him.

photo (41)


He’s the guy in the white shirt, with his hand down his pants/pocket?

Some Orange Leaf froyo made up for our disappointment.

So addicted.
So addicted.

Orange Leaf is poppin’ up all over NYC! I’m keeping my portions of froyo small since it still hurts my stomach, but I’m weird and think it’s worth it.

Sunday morning I went for my longest run since my half marathon in May. 7 slow, sweaty, glorious miles in my beautiful NYC.

East River path. I rarely run you but you are pretty.
East River path. I rarely run you but you are pretty.


Okay, now for the watermelon portion. Obviously watermelon is delicious in the summer. So is ice cream. Since ice cream is definitely out of the question for me with my IBS, I made a recipe I had seen on Tina’s blog and the consistency after being chilled reminded me of ice cream. It’s homemade coconut cream, and it does come out different consistencies every time I’ve made it. This time just happened to turn out super super creamy and thick!

Homemade Coconut Cream (from Carrot’s n Cake)

  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1-2 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

You’ll want to buy the coconut milk and let it sit out on your counter for a few hours to let it settle, then stick it in the fridge for a day. DON’T shake the can at all because you want the cream to stay on top. Once you open the can, all the thick cream should be right at the top and you’ll just spoon all of it into a tupperware container. You’ll see the coconut water about half way down into the can, and I used a few small spoonfuls to make the coconut cream a little thinner. This will make it easier to mix in the honey. Add in the 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I used just a little under 1/2 tsp) and stir thoroughly. Add in 1 tbsp of honey and mix, and then the other tbsp. Mix everything well, taste test, try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting 😉 PUT ON EVERYTHING.

photo (36)


SO summery!

Okay, time to eat lunch and get my butt to the gym for some HIIT & BodyPump action, followed by a comedy show with John! Yes, all we do is eat and go laugh our butts off. It’s pretty great 🙂

What’s your favorite summer treat?


7 thoughts on “Weekend + Watermelon”

    1. I feel like a true traitor disliking waffle fries, because i absolutely live for fries, but for some reason they just don’t do it for me! Froyo DOES solve everything, it’s a scientific fact 😉

  1. Orange Leaf is out favorite out of the local froyo places right now too… also, totally digging watermelon. I always have but this year it’s an addiction (as I’m reading blogs I’m eating it). 🙂

    1. It’s so amazing! Luckily for me I live on the west side and all the orange leaf’s (leaves?) are on the east side. AKA I’m a damn determined woman to go there and I must really deserve froyo if i’m trekkin’ all the way over there! Watermelon is pretty much the 2nd best thing in the world to froyo.

      1. Hahaha… maybe I need to petition to get the FROYOS moved to the other side of town from me 😀

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