Heavy Hearts + Presents.

It’s been a very sad week in the blog world. My heart and many others hearts have been very heavy for the beautiful Janae during this extremely hard time in her life. She was one of the first running blogs I ever read years ago, and if you have read even one of her posts you know how positive she is. One of my favorite NY memories was when I got to meet her at the NYC Marathon 2 years ago.


Me, Heather, Janae!
Me, Heather, Janae!
Some of the coolest girls ever!
Some of the coolest girls ever!

I remember this meet up so well because it was with such a great group of positive, supporting, and uplifting gals. It’s so good to be around people who are so similar to you, no matter what their background.

Janae, we are all sending you nothing but love and support to get through this tough time with strength. Happy Birthday to your precious little baby girl, Brooke! 🙂

Nothing to note over here in terms of fitness and food. I’m having a super off week with both aspects and am trying not to feel too defeated. Need to get back on the wagon tomorrow!

Let’s end this on a good note. The beautiful Allie sent me a wonderful care package of some of her favorite things after I won her giveaway. I knew it was coming, but when I opened it this morning at work it made me SO happy. After this week of feeling sad and blah, it really cheered me up a ton.

photo (6)


You can’t even see all the goodies in there! The card made me cry, and especially the front of the card which reads; “To the girl who farts during her runs…and my favorite person ever!” Haha, it’s clear I share too much with people. Not sorry. Thank you so much Allie!!! 🙂

I also ordered a new Polar HRM since mine shit the bed a few months ago. It’s been weird working out without one after having one for 2 years. They totally aren’t necessary, but I am a numbers freak and they are super motivating! I had an amazon credit so I only wound up paying $17 out of pocket. This time around I got the Polar FT4 in pink. I used the Polar FT7 before and really loved it, and I’m not sure if there are many differences with this model, but it’s at least more attractive than my manly looking one I had prior. Hopefully the idea of working out with it tomorrow morning will motivate me to get my ass out of bed!

Do you read Janae’s awesomely positive blog?

How do you get back on track after an off week with eating and/or working out?

2 thoughts on “Heavy Hearts + Presents.”

  1. This was so fun!! Such a fab post. Crazy how that was almost 2 years ago!! You are looking fabulous as ever! Eat some yummy NYC treats for me!! I’m getting in touch when I come visit hopefully soon. Xoxo

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