Weekend Necessities (+PRO GIVEAWAY!)

Oh Sunday night… why must you come upon us so quickly? Another weekend in the books. I have a few weekend necessities that without, my weekends just don’t feel right. They include:

photo (51)

Pizza. This was at Patsy’s, one of my favorites.

photo (52)

Froyo. YOGURTLAND has opened in NYC! I alerted Janae of this on my Instagram because now she has even more reasons to come to NYC!

photo (8)

At least 1 run. This one happened to be long (for me) and glorious.

photo (53)

Bagels. This was at Brooklyn Bagel. So so good.

And most importantly, relaxing. I don’t really have a picture of me relaxing because I wouldn’t want to frighten you but it includes me with no makeup, wild hair, mismatched and way-too-big-for-me comfy clothes and best of all: compression socks.

Living in NYC, I walk all over every single day. I have a desk job, so sitting all day is bad for circulation and health in general. I do my part to stay active, eat healthy most of the time and compression socks help me with the other parts; comfort and circulation. I was beyond ecstatic when PRO Compression, aka the compression sock company you see all over blogs these days, sent me over a pair of their Marathon socks to try out. Hello, worn by Skinny Runner and STUFT Mama, my idols! I couldn’t wait to get them on, and I’ve been wearing them to bed every night for the last week.

please ignore my messy floor
please ignore my messy floor

Comfort barely begins to describe what they bring to me. These PRO Compression socks are crucial for me to wear after logging many running and walking miles. You can also wear PRO Compression socks DURING exercise! You can feel the difference in less fatigue and it’s amazing!

It’s kinda hard to describe what they feel like on. I remember thinking compression must be uncomfortably tight and I wouldn’t like them, but you really have to see for yourself and fall in love with them.

And 1 of you lucky readers will be able to! PRO has allowed me to give one of my beautiful readers a pair to put on their legs! Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite way to relax on the weekend is. For additional entries, please go to PRO’s Facebook page and like them, then leave me another comment telling me you did. You can also head on over to their Twitter, follow them and then tell me you did! You have until Thursday August 22nd at 11:00 AM EST to enter!

In the mean time, you can also purchase a pair at 40% off using my coupon code PCBLG. The code is good for the marathon socks and the calf sleeves!

Also: you do NOT have to be a blogger to enter any of my giveaways! So comment, comment, comment! 🙂

33 thoughts on “Weekend Necessities (+PRO GIVEAWAY!)”

  1. Liked PRO page, telling you I did and now I am going to read more about the socks. I, too, have a desk job and get little movement through the day!

  2. Ok, you convinced me! If I don’t win these socks I’m using your code and buying them myself! 🙂 (Oh, and I liked and followed them!)

    Perfect way to relax on the weekend? I’m with you on the pizza! Also, a nice late night spa & sauna session is a great way to end the weekend. My gym is always empty on Sunday nights!

  3. Weekends: Sleeping in til 8 (never thought I would consider 8 sleeping in) & spending the day at devoting all of my attention to my two year old twins.

    1. 8 totally constitutes as sleeping in once you’re an adult! 🙂 2 year old twins- congrats! You must be veryyy sleepy!

  4. I love froyo. We have a Yogurtland just down the road from our house and that place is dangerous for me! Even though I always get the lowest cal chocolate & vanilla, I can’t resist the cookie dough topping or any of the other unhealthy options. At least it’s better than a pint of regular ice cream.

  5. Oh hi, your favorite person here! 🙂 I loveeeee your blue socks. I want blueee so we can be twins! My favorite way to relax on the weekends is with a good book, or just anything that allows me to hang out in my 3 times too big sweats. Sexy, I know.

    1. hahaha yess you are allowed to enter! No rules applied 😉 I need to see a picture if you win and wear 1 of each. When you come visit bring your pink ones and we can be crazy weirdo mismatched sock wearing runners together ❤

  6. My most absolute favorite way to relax on a weekend is on the couch under a blanket with my cookbooks, for planning and a good old movie!

  7. So I’ve been having mad cravings for pizza lately, like foreal mad cravings. And I mean greasy, cheesy, meaty pizza. I don’t know why I haven’t fulfilled my need but I will certainly be doing so soon!
    My fave way to relax is to curl up with blankets and hot cocoa while watching movies alllll day long. Only when it’s cold though 🙂

    1. Giiiirl, fulfill that craving! And yes, being super lazy is only really guilt-free feeling in the winter isn’t it?!

  8. Well, I was directed to your blog from the article about you in September’s Women’s Health Magazine. I can totally relate to you! I hate the gym! I also freaked out last year about diabetes, which runs rampant in my family. I tried seeing a nutritionist and even signed up at a new gym. Unfortunately, however, I stayed lazy and didn’t make the lifestyle changes I needed to make. I would love to lose as much weight as you did! It is really difficult to make such significant changes though, and I’ve been unlucky so far. But I am on a healthier/more active path now thanks to a little motivation in the form of serving as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s upcoming wedding. I just need to stick with it!
    As far as relaxation goes, I love to sleep in on Sundays and get a mani/pedi every few weeks. And oddly enough, grocery shopping and meal prepping relax me on Sunday afternoons. I guess both tasks just make my Mondays seem less terrible.
    Oh and I liked PRO and followed them on Twitter.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  9. I usually like to stay in and watch hard core German midget pornos. I also like to go to homless shelters and get free meals. Every 3rd weekend I like to listen to Justin Beiber and Justin Timberlake and just have a good cry.

  10. Just found you by reading women’s health mag. Looking for inspiration! I liked the PRO socks page. For about 10 mo now my ft have been sore after walk/runs. I hope these will help!

    Weekends? I have twin teen boys so when I’m not busy w them I love love to pull on my favorite sweats, grab all my mags and climb in bed! No make up, no phone, just me, Kirby (our black lab) and quiet.

  11. My absolute favorite way to relax is to wake up WITHOUT an alarm, have lazy breakfast and coffee, then go for a run and enjoy the rest of the day. Just thinking about it makes me smile! Saturday, where are you??? 🙂

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