I think the term “blend” is so cute. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s the merging of blogger and friend, becoming a blend! Allie and I have been talking for pretty much this entire year and I love love love her blog. She has become someone I text almost daily, and knows so much about me! She decided to come spend the day with me yesterday and we had such a great time. SO much walking, talking and food- the perfect day! 🙂

She took the bus in and I met her at Port Authority. From there we walked downtown to Chobani in Soho, which I still had never ventured down to, which was a 2.5 mile walk. It gave us a chance to catch up and it did NOT feel like we were meeting for the first time ever!

Chobani Soho is such a great place to go. Not only are their yogurt creations delicious, the atmosphere is awesome and the people working are genuinely happy to be there!

photo (11)

Chobani groupies!
Chobani groupies!

The staff was so friendly and eager to help us. They even allow you to come back behind the counter and watch your yogurt being made!

photo (13)

My decision was easy because I’m obsessed with figs. I got the fig + walnut + honey creation and Allie had the pistachio + orange + dark chocolate + mint creation. We found a park around the corner and sat out in the gorgeous weather.


The beautiful Allie!!
The beautiful Allie!!

You have the choice of a half portion or full portion, both which come with glass Chobani dishes that you can keep or return on your next visit for $0.25 off your purchase! We opted to keep them, obviously.

photo (10)

photo (8)

From there we walked up to the High Line which was another 1.8 mile walk. It was pretty hot yesterday so we definitely got some sun! The High Line was packed but it was gorgeous out, not a cloud in the sky. We got a weirdo to take our picture, and he took the exact same picture 15 times. Good thing it was a good one! 😉

photo (4)


And from her’s:

photo (1)


Some more walking lead us to Yogurtland before dinner. Isn’t that the fun of being an adult? Dessert before dinner whenever you want?

photo (6)


Before heading back to Port Authority we met up with John for dinner at Patsy’s Pizzera, but I didn’t take a picture. Salad, bread, pizza and good talks were had and then we had to say bye! 😦 Not fun. I want everyone I love to live in NYC!

I freaking love this girl. It’s not easy to find people that you instantly connect with, and I literally feel like I’ve known her half my life. Can’t wait for the next time, Allie!

Have you ever met a blogger or became friends with one? You should, we’re pretty cool 😉


11 thoughts on “Blends!”

  1. ahhhh I had the BEST day with you ever ever ever! Thanks for being such a good host and putting up with me when I said I’d do whatever. Seriously, I’ve known you forever. Loved how we instantly clicked in person. Soulmates for life 🙂 Love your face xoxo

  2. WHAT IS THIS CHOBANI PLACE YOU SPEAK OF?! Holy crepes I never knew such a thing existed. So I’m thinking I’ll take a plane out there just for that? Kidding, I’m too broke. Maybe I’ll run? HA that’s a joke, I can hardly run over a mile. I’ll just have to wait until teleportation exists, yeah?
    PS you two are the cutest, watching blends unite melts ma heart ❤

    1. It opened about a year ago and it may be heaven on earth.. check out their Chobani Soho website and it gives you the recipes of the different options you can get there! I say you definitely fly/walk/mobile-elliptical yourself out here and meet up with us!! ❤ ❤

  3. Chobani!!! whoa! That looks amazing. We don’t and won’t ever have one of their stores in Canada 😦
    I love your shorts, where did you get them? Thanks for introducing me to Allie’s site, I saved it on my bookmarks so I can read her blog later.

    1. Thanks Amelia! My shorts are from Old Navy! They are the BEST running shorts I’ve ever had- they fit perfectly! Allie’s blog is great!! 🙂

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