If you are just reading my blog for the first time after seeing my weight loss article on the FRONT PAGE OF WOMEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE WEBSITE, hello newbies! Yes. This happened.


Just one correction.. I lost 110 pounds, not 90, so just a little editing error! Ha! No biggie.

I am beyond excited that you are reading my blabber and I hope you enjoy my endless pictures of oatmeal, my workouts, iced coffee, my boyfriend and other random NYC happenings. Let’s just dive right into that, shall we?

Last week’s running week was one of my highest in a long time, and I am so grateful with how great it felt. Some high mileage weeks- hell, some LOW mileage weeks- feel not so great, so I like to take a moment and savor the ones that feel this good.

photo (2)


I desperately needed to sleep in this morning so we’ll see if I have the energy to run after work. I got the pictures from the race Saturday and as usual, they are hilarious and hideous.

Clearly this was early on in the race when I was stoked to be racing.
Clearly this was early on in the race when I was stoked to be racing.
More serious and putting in werrrrrrrrk here.
More serious and putting in werrrrrrrrk here.

People who have great race photos.. how do you do it? I swear the photog’s get me as I’m gasping for air and limping. I won’t post the rest because they are SO hideous. Although if you’re really sad you can email me and I will email you them to make you smile. Because they will absolutely crack you up.

Today was an oatmeal for breakfast AND lunch kinda day, because I had 0 energy to grocery shop yesterday after work therefore no time to meal prep.

photo (3)


The place I get my delicious hazelnut soy iced coffee every morning has a delicious oatmeal bar so I decided to let them make me a bowl. Plain oatmeal made with water with banana slices, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins and sprinkled with granola. I added Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter to make this the best bowl of oatmeal eveeeeeeeeeeer!

photo (4)


Bowl #2 for lunch many hours later. Clearly I’m craving CHOCOLATE big time today. This is my usual base of 1/3 cup oats, cinnamon & chia seeds microwaved up with water and a banana, topped with more hazelnut butter, roasted coconut chips from Trader Joe’s and 1 square of dark mint chocolate. REAL GOOD lunch right there. Lotta carbs. My fav.

The best part of having 2 bowls of oatmeal in a day is feeling completely satisfied til late snack time. I almost always eat a snack around 5:30-6 since I work til almost 7 and don’t get a chance to eat dinner til after 8. Sometimes my stomach is growling by 4 regardless of what I eat for lunch, unless it’s oatmeal. It’s a beautiful thing.

What meal could you eat twice a day?

What is your most filling lunch? Always looking for new ideas!

Do you have any good race photos?


8 thoughts on “Newbies.”

  1. I could eat peanut butter several times a day! Love your blog. And yes, I started following after your article. Congrats on the changes you have made for life!

  2. I haven’t been in a big oatmeal mood lately which is kind of a problem. It’s so filling and full of options for deeeeelish toppings. I’m thinkin’ when winter comes around, I’ll be more in an oatmeal moooooood. I could eat mac n’ cheese all day errrr day. But not the kind with real cheese, the kind with the salty fake powdered sheeeeet. So goooooood 🙂

    1. The salty fake powdered cheese is 1000000x better than real cheese. UGH I haven’t had it in years and I am making it a point to eat it this winter!!

  3. hi! I’m a newbie 🙂 and just ermergherd! I want that second oatmeal bowl. Can you make this for me when I see you next? And also, I demand these race pictures. ps you actually look like a dime piece in those. I’d tap that 😉

  4. I am a newbie! I have been struggling with weight loss since having my second child. She is 7 months now and I feel like it’s time to start taking care of myself too! I need to lose about 60lbs to be in a ‘healthy zone’. I’ve started going to the gym at least 3 times a week. I’ve noticed since I put on the weight that my body hurts more to run and such. Pretty sad to me! I go to a kettleworx class twice a week and try to get in a couple days of cardio work as well. Eating healthy is my biggest problem. I love to eat! But everyone says to just eat greens and chicken. Which for me, going from eating whatever I want to practically nothing is depressing! It doesn’t fill me up, it lacks flavor. I will be looking through your blog to find some great recipes as well! Any advice you have for getting to that weight loss point would be great! On week two and haven’t lost any weight yet. I know it took me a while to gain it, so it will take me a while to lose as well. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  5. This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story! I too am on a weightloss journey and this is super encouraging. I will definitely be following. Keep up the great work lady 🙂

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