Ugh, today has been stressful since the minute I opened my eyes. I woke up 3 hours past my alarm, at almost 8:00 A.M. when I really need to be leaving for work by 8:10 and when I really needed to be running 5 miles this morning. Almost nothing in this world stresses me out more than missing my alarm and missing my workout. I work 9:00 A.M. til almost 7 and so by the time I get home it’s 8 and the chance of me working out is about 3%. I just do NOT like PM workouts unless it’s a class but my focus needs to be on running right now with my upcoming races. I have felt so on edge and emotional all day, and that’s because a morning workout helps me deal with my anxiety 100x better than if I haven’t. I also have homework after work and don’t want to be up late so that I missย tomorrow’s morning workout. I know this is totally #FirstWorldProblems and annoying of me to complain about, but do any of you feel me? I just HATE being thrown off my schedule.

I know a few miles are better than no miles, so I will aim for 3 tonight and try to shut the hell up with my whining. Deal? Great.

Another problem with missing my AM workout? I swear I crave sugar all day long. A morning workout wakes me up for (most of) the day but oversleeping leaves me feeling super tired, cranky and hungry. I know better than to gorge on sugar all day, but not without reminding myself several times how nasty I’ll feel if I do. It’s a struggle, and I don’t always win but I’m in survival mode trying not to cave. Some days are easier than others while living the healthy lifestyle, so don’t get down on yourself when the bad days come up. How you handle them is the true test to your strength, and will power is like a muscle; it gets stronger with use! Have a little sugar, but not too much.

You know what really makes me feel a ton better? A big veggie-filled salad with crunchy, homemade croutons and a healthy dose of hot sauce (I’m aware that part may make me a weirdo). I decided to save a few bucks and use a coupon for a chopped salad at Subway and fulfill that need. I went with the pulled pork salad with most of the veggies (except olives & banana peppers) and avocado. The pulled pork is so good but the avocado/guacamole was SO watery I scooped all of it off. This put me in a worse mood than I was already in.

photo (2)


NOTHING about that salad looks appetizing but besides the guac, it was.

Raspberry cheesecake cookie for only 200 calories? That’s aย little somethin’ sweet to make me happy for a few minutes.

photo (4)


Cheered me up for a few seconds anyways.

Doesn’t everyone agree that I should be able to leave work early so that I can get in a workout before 8:30 PM? I think so.

At least tomorrow is a new day.

How do you cheer yourself up on a bad day?

Are you a morning or evening exerciser?

7 thoughts on “Stress.”

  1. I am neither, I am lucky enough to work in a building that has a chain-owned gym in the same building! I go on my lunch break, which is an hour so I have enough time to do my whole workout, change before/after and look somewhat decent going back into work ha ha. (those makeup cleansing wipes are a godsend when you cant also shower right after!)

    1. Ooooh so jealous! I used to run on my lunch break at my old job and just go to the bathroom and kinda wipe off but it was fall/winter time so i never got too sweaty! I miss those lunch break workouts so much!

  2. I used to wake up every morning at 5:45 and workout fom 6 – 7. I felt great during the day but found the stress of waking up that early (and how bad I felt when I slept through my alarm) was too much. So I stopped working out completely, and now I’m slowly getting back on the wagon without being too hard on myself. I walk everyday at lunch for about 30 minutes, and I go to zumba classes 3 times a week in the evenings. In a few weeks this will be a habit for me, and I’ll start wanting more. Than maybe I can incorporate morning workouts (maybe start with one a week and build it up), and strength training, so that I don’t get discouraged and give up completely. Kudos to you for being so regimented! One day I’ll be able to wake up every morning and run too…but until then, I’ll read your blog and gain inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Girl, you are rocking it already! Zumba is no joke! I used to do it twice a week and I was in the best shape ever! Then I got a new job 2 years ago and could no longer make my favorite class ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 30 minute walk every day is so beneficial to our health, so great job! Morning workouts are definitely something that takes awhile to get used to.. I still curse at my alarm every morning! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for reading!!

  3. on a bad day, I usually rely on my sweatpants and talking to a friend, like you. you always help me see the good on my bad days. but working out, watching a chick flick or just stalking pinterest always helps. I’m with you on needing to exercise in the morning though, if I don’t, my entire day feels completely off. Night workouts = dumb!

  4. I live in a group home and we have to exorcise at least 5 times a week. The staff also portion my food so I do not over eat .
    Also we can only snack at certain times.they also lock the fridge so we won’t go through food as we used to. I did a 5k walk for special Olympics and that was fun. February I will be do the polar plunge.

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