Sweaty Selfies.

Let me start by saying this has been a really crappy week. Some hard times going on in my personal life (well, the only part of my life I don’t completely share with you/everyone/strangers on the subway) that are really hard have led to barely any sleep and barely any workouts. Please bare with me as this post is basically that sad intro followed by a few pictures of me sweating. Please don’t press unsubscribe.

My only workout this week so far was a 4.8 mile run yesterday that put me in an awful mood for most of it. Do you ever have those? I know they say all sweat is good sweat and every workout (no matter how crappy) is so great for you. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that but I don’t appreciate not feeling the endorphin’s after a run. The contributing factor to yesterday’s run (besides an upset stomach) sucking was the god damn humidity that just won’t quit. 86 degrees at 7:00 AM? Please. Stop.

This was 1.5 miles into my run. The sweat started within the first .25 miles.
This was 1.5 miles into my run. The sweat started within the first .25 miles.

I seriously LOVE to sweat but it’s the humidity that just kills me. Super slow paces make your heart rate higher than they should be for a slow pace, especially after 30 minutes or so. I kept feeling super weak and would just stop and walk and it felt like the mile run/walk back to my gym from the park was 3,000 miles away.

This little water fountain (along with 2 others I stop at) in Central Park is my savoir on those hot days.

I love you water fountain near the Boathouse.
I love you water fountain near the Boathouse.

It wasn’t as hot this morning but it was still close to unbearable. From the 2 hours of sleep I got last night, I woke up with a horrifically bad stomach ache and attempted to run. I ran for 2 minutes then walked for 35 minutes. It’s always better than nothing!

I am about to have 3 days off of work to go to one of my closest friend’s wedding for the weekend with the people I love the most. This couldn’t be coming at a better time because I’m near my breaking point. I think the only solution to this week is froyo tonight, yes? Yes.

I won’t be blogging this weekend so if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram for pictures of my adventures and lots of food- @artificiallybalanced

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Sweaty Selfies.”

  1. That sucks that you’re having a crappy week and I’m sorry you are having to deal with stressful times. I know those workouts when you’re not happy and how hard that can be. Even persevering doesn’t necessarily make people feel better in those kinds of situations.

  2. We can have a crappy week together! I’m glad that you’re getting away this weekend, and that you’re going to be surrounding yourself with people you love! I hope you have fabulous and relaxing weekend, but most of all, have fun and LET GO! That way, you come back rested and recharged and ready to conquer the world next week!

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