The Blah’s.

It’s inevitable. Every October nearing the end of the month I get hit with the blah’s. I had such a great September and beginning of October with races and great weather. Then all of a sudden it’s in the 50’s and I get sick and my motivation goes out the window with sporadic appearances until March. I am determined to fight that this year because those signs have already appeared this week. I haven’t ran since Sunday and I’ve had NO desire to at all. My focuses this week have been on Spin, with a 75 minute session Tuesday night to prepare me for…

MY FIRST SPIN AUDITION YESTERDAY! It was such a last minute thing but I am really happy with how my first one went. I will know by next week if I will be teaching or not, so please cross your fingers for me 🙂 It felt really natural for me to be up on the bike, barking orders and providing inspiration along with party jams. I hope this is just the beginning! More details once I find out next week.

So yeah, all that I’ve really done all week is work, Spin, eat, homework, sleep. Must change that tomorrow. I have a 5 mile race on Sunday that I will not be racing just running pretty casually. Especially if I’m actually sick by then, like I feel it coming on in my chest, but I don’t want to push my body and feel worse. Hard to believe it’s been a year since I did the same race! It’s the 5-mile Marathon Kick-off race and let’s pray that following the race is NOT a hurricane like last year.

I’ve been super lazy with food this week too. I had no appetite Monday or Tuesday, but after yesterday’s audition I stayed for 2 bootcamp type auditions that were the hardest 20 minutes of my life. I left feeling extremely famished so I got a quick brunch at Grey Dog before coming home and laying in bed for 7 hours. Literally.

runny eggs, potatoes with peppers and cranberry whole wheat toast
runny eggs, potatoes with peppers and cranberry whole wheat toast

Once I got home I took a hot shower and laid in bed watching Louis C.K. season 3 all day. I didn’t move until I finally got hungry at 7 PM and decided to order sushi from Seamless. A.K.A. heaven/danger. It shouldn’t exist that you can lay in bed and order whatever you are craving right from your phone without moving or speaking to a human. So, so lazy.

spicy tuna Maki roll, half eaten.
spicy tuna Maki roll, half eaten.

My legs are crazy sore from basically 2 hours of Spin in 12 hours and 9483948 jump squats so today is a rest day and hopefully I will get my butt out of my warm cozy bed for a run tomorrow morning!

Do you go through a “blah” transition period from summer to cold weather?

16 thoughts on “The Blah’s.”

  1. Definitely going through the blahs here too. I haven’t worked out since Monday:-/. The temperature change is killing me. Then you add boy drama. Lol. I need to kick it in gear tonight and tomorrow. Trying to be motivated for a good race Saturday. PS. The thought of 9483948 jump squats makes my legs hurt:-).

    1. I say we get a week to be blah/lazy then we kick it back in gear and don’t let the cold weather drag us down! 🙂 I swear it had to be close to 9483948 of jump squats among other random/intense/crazy/WTF plyometric moves for 20 minutes. I told the guy I hope he gets the class but that I would NEVER be taking it! haha

  2. Good Luck!! I am having a very blah day too. I was super busy yesterday and ended up having “dinner” aka a large snack at 4 pm with a cup of coffee before I taught my yoga sculpt class. Then I couldn’t sleep last night, most likely because of the coffee, and now today I’m super out of it.

    1. Oh jeez I hate that late afternoon NEED of coffee that ends up killing your sleep! Yoga sculpt sounds like an awesome class!

  3. I definitely am in blahs! It hits in October and lasts until March. KY went from 80ish to 50ish and a freeze warning. My office is right around 62 degrees at noon. I was so cold yesterday that I couldn’t muster the energy to go the gym. Today I am going no matter what!

    Good luck on your audition – I know you will have great results

    1. My office is the same way!! I swear that is part of why we get sick.. we don’t need the AC on when it’s not even 50 degrees outside! Sending motivation your way to hit the gym this afternoon! 🙂

  4. Good luck to you with your spinning audition! I hope you are chosen.
    I know what you mean about the blahs. I got sick and have been extremely unmotivated this week with everything. I think my blah period won’t last a whole season, though. I’m hoping to kick things back into gear by next week. Hopefully…?

    1. I was hoping this week I would kick the blah’s too but low and behold… I have a cold now! Haha I can’t win!

  5. Good luck on your audition!! I definitely feel you on the weather change. I live in London now and this time of the year is always rainy, gray, and cloudy, coming from Texas this was a BIG adjustment for me, and 5 years later I’m still not adjusted! haha

    1. London sounds so cool but I dont think I could live somewhere that is gloomier than the east coast of the US!! And coming from Texas.. good for you girl! What are you doing over in London??

  6. Oh man, I definitely do! Right after mid-Oct its like all my training and triathlons are OVER. And my body is like, YAY! Are we done?? Hahaha. But my brain is saying otherwise. It can be so hard to get back into training this time of year when its cold and dark earlier(east coast living can be tough!). However, what I do is find some ‘mini races’: little 5ks on the weekend or semi-long bike rides to train for. I’m all about having some short term goals this time of year to keep me on track without going crazy. Its always good to let the body rest! Keep up the good work lady! 🙂

    1. Its hard as shit living on the east coast! haha I totally see myself on the west coast in later years 🙂 I have a few mini races next month and in november but with my lack of motivation during the week the races are about to end up being my ONLY workout! haha I need to just kick my own ass this week 😉

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