My Worst Race.

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll! I had yesterday and today off and I very rarely get 2 consecutive days off. It has been pretty glorious. Yesterday I slept in til 11:30 (wut.) after a marathon of Breaking Bad Monday night that lasted until 2:00 AM with John. We wanted to get through the rest of Season 4 and that we did. And then I couldn’t fall asleep for awhile because the last episode scared the crap out of me. #baby

The rest of yesterday included lots of lounging in bed, then deciding to buy a new bed from a friend… or should I say, an actual bed. We have had a futon for the whole time we’ve lived here and for most of our relationship before NYC. One of my friends here is getting rid of her bed for a new one. I am REAL excited to not sleep on a futon anymore. I also ran a very cold 2.25 miles where I did nothing but wheeze and cough the whole time. I’ve been fighting a cold (but could be allergies?) for a few weeks but besides being super stuffed up, the coughing only occurs when outside. I’m thinking I may have cold-weather induced asthma because this has happened on all my other runs this year where the weather has been below 45. I know what you’re thinking… Just use the treadmill, you dummy! I can manage 3 miles AT THE MOST on the treadmill and that’s not even from just the complete boredom I feel on it, but my hips and knees start to hurt anything over that. I’m an outdoor long distance runner. I need tips/suggestions on how to not wheeze my way through the winter! Looks like I’m in the market for a ski-mask looking thing.

Another example of how much I hate winter is how craptastic my 5 mile race was on Sunday. It really doesn’t matter because it is one of the last 3 races I have to run to qualify for the marathon next year, so I could have walked the whole thing and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I just have to finish them. But alas, I figured I would at least be able to run the whole thing considering I don’t ever have to stop and walk while I’m running. I ran 2 miles as a warm-up and then within the first 2 miles of the race I had to stop and walk. My right hip flexor was painful already and I couldn’t catch my breath at even a 12-minute mile. It was cold out but also humid, pretty much a disaster. Besides my hip and breathing, I felt good mentally and decided to focus on being out there for a good cause and that I was going to be run/walking 8 miles total for the day and that is wonderful. Leave the pressure that is solely put on by ourselves on the road and move on! My PR for 5 miles is a little less than 50 minutes, and a few weeks ago my 5 mile race was below 51 minutes. Sunday’s 5 mile time was almost 58 minutes. Goes to show you, you never know what will happen on any given run. You might as well just enjoy the ability to move rather than focus on the time, right?

Besides my run ‘n wheeze yesterday, I did level 1 of Ripped in 30 since it’s been a hot minute since my last strength training workout. Yikes. I at least try to do some push-ups every few days so all has not been lost in my arms but that dvd kicks my trash EVERY TIME. My hammies are on fire today. I have a lot to do today but am going to try to fit in a round of level 2 and hopefully spin class later tonight. All depends when our bed gets delivered! I need to make another batch of my turkey chili that Erika loves (which means it HAS to be good), do 300 pounds of laundry and get more coffee before homework mania begins. Did I mention how much I can’t wait to sleep in my new bed tonight? πŸ™‚

Do you have breathing issues with running outside in the cold?

Do you have a real bed or futon? Yes, I’m asking seriously. I’m real jealous of you if you have always had a real bed! I had a futon for most of high-school too because I thought they were cool? Like, I really made my parents get rid of my bed and buy me a futon. Such a fool.

10 thoughts on “My Worst Race.”

  1. 1. I have Ripped in 30 but haven’t touched (watched? practiced?) it in months…..I should get back into though because I remember it kicking my ass.
    2. I literally slept on the floor for 2 years. By choice. I got rid of my bed because I hated beds…..and I had the coolest bed ever. It was adjustable and it vibrated. And now I’m stuck with my grandma’s old cheap twin bed. So, I’m with ya on the whole wishing I never got rid of my bed thing.

    1. haha its so hard to get motivated to workout at home, thats why months go by inbetween me doing it! But it preps me a little to get back into strength training since lord knows I won’t ever just go to the weights and do it myself πŸ˜‰ why are we so weird with beds?! it just got delivered so cant wait for john to put it together tonight!

  2. Winter isn’t for everyone. I’m not a fan most of the time. I hate being cold in addition to being an indoor kind of girl. It’s probably much worse for someone who enjoys being outside, especially when it is making you cough.
    I’ve been doing Ripped in 30 Level 2 since last week. Ugh! I dread it every time. There is no way I can do those crazy pushups, whatever they’re called. I almost want to skip to Level 3 just to see if I like it better.

    1. I am definitely an outdoor girl and winter just sucks so bad. Ive lived in New York my whole life, you’d think I would be used to it but nope.. every winter is worse! Level 2 is my fav of Ripped! Those spiderman push ups ( i think thats what theyre called!) are so killer! I love the move where you look like youre a dog peeing too hahaha

      1. haha I did level 2 again about an hour ago and it went a lot better than usual so I must be improving! Especially since I’m sick and was still able to stick it out. Yay!

      2. Yayyy! Thats what i love most about those dvds is how fast you see yourself improve! My first dvd i ever did at home was her 30 Day Shred. I was super skinny at the time and did nothing but run run run (and not eat enough) and I remember not being able to do even 5 reps with 2.5 pound weights! And I literally cried halfway through the 1st day. Haha now i use 8 lbs for the whole thing and will have to get 10 and 12 pounders soon as 8’s are feeling easier! Gotta love getting stronger πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better!!

  3. I have asthma and it definitely gets worse in the winter, particularly when I’m outside breathing cold air, because the cold air causes the airways to constrict. Using a scarf/mask definitely helps, but there’s also nothing wrong with getting an inhaler to use before you run in the cold. If you use it beforehand, you won’t have any breathing problems during a run of any distance.

    1. I’ve taken the rest of the week off from working out to just get a lot of sleep so i am going to run tomorrow and see how my lungs do! it really doesnt seem to be a cold i have, more like allergies cause my body feels fine. But if I need an inhaler, no probs! I’d rather be able to breathe πŸ™‚

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