Yep, Still Hating Winter.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have seasonal depression, on top of the anxiety and (normal?) depression I already have. Stick a fork in me, I am already done with winter (fall?whatever) and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Especially here in New York where one day it’s humid and 55 and the next day it’s barely 30 degrees with a windchill even lower. 25 years on this coast and I’m still not used to it. California, I’m looking at you by age 29.

Okay, I like a few things about this time of year. Boots and coats are some of my favorite wardrobe pieces. Comfy sweats and hoodies at night are the perfect end to a long day. My favorite thing has to be the drop dead gorgeous views of Central Park, though. This morning was chilly and rainy, but the park looked amazing and it will not look this pretty for much longer.

photo 4

This week has been nothing of note. We got our new bed delivered Wednesday though and it’s amazing. It’s really really high and hard to get into, but we have so much storage underneath now! Not to mention it’s quite a difference sleeping on a queen mattress vs a futon. I’ll take a picture of updated room once we get everything together. I’m now going to try to get into decorating/organizing a little more!

No workouts since Tuesday, but I am determined to make this weekend my return to training. Can I call the last month my “off-season” or is that too short? I’m really not good at casually working out. My casual workouts turn into sleeping in every morning! It’s hard enough to get motivated in the cold winter mornings so I’ve got some races planned for the winter and I pray that’s enough to get my ass out of bed. Seriously, I promise you you have never met someone more lazy than me. Laying in bed being comfortable and not moving is what I was born to do. Ugh, I hate it and love it.

Anywho, races for the rest of winterhellย include:

Race to Deliver 4-miler: This Sunday. No time goal, of course. Let’s just pray I maybe don’t have to walk like in last weeks race. Will run a few before/after for a total of 7 or 8.

Ted Corbitt Classic 15K: Saturday December 14th. This is the morning after my work holiday party. Guess who won’t be drinking any champagne this year? That’s probably for the best though…

Roosevelt Island Hot Chocolate 10K: Sunday December 15th. I, of course, love the idea of 2 fun races in one weekend. That just means more pizza and froyo for me. However, I’m not totally sure I will do this and I’m not signed up yet. But I do need all the motivation I can get and having a race ensures I will workout that day! Do I sound pathetic and desperate yet? Good. That’s my point.

Central Park Hot Chocolate 10-Miler:ย I literally JUST saw this posted and screamed! Not signed up yet but this would be my first race of 2014 and a good training run for my half marathon just 2 weekends later. I’ll most likely be signed up by Sunday ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fred Lebow Manhattan Half: I have a maybe goal of running a half marathon every month in 2014. My roommate told me I’m a nut case for this last night. I agree. This will kick off the first month of that lofty goal! Can we please pray that it’s at least above 20 degrees that morning? Ugh, I hate you January. OH this will also be race 1 of 5 that will qualify me for the 2015 NYC Half Marathon that is next to impossible to get into. Woop.

(Can we insert how much I wish my legs would allow me to do 2 half marathons in a weekend? There’s a half the day before the Fred Lebow half but I wouldn’t even dare. Or would I?)

NYC Runs Central Park Half Marathon: Not signed up yet but this is probably the only half marathon in NYC in February. Gotsta do it.

Let me just stop there because in my world, I consider March 1st spring even if it continues to snow into May.

Do you have any winter races planned?

What keeps you motivated in the winter? If you live somewhere where winter doesn’t really exist… well, I hate you.

15 thoughts on “Yep, Still Hating Winter.”

  1. I, too, have slacked but am registered for a 5k Hangover Classic on 1/4, a four mile on 1/4, 5k on 1/11….and get ready…..a half the end of March. Training starts 12/3. If I don’t have a goal I will sit my tail on the couch all winter. Just hate training on the dreadmill!

    1. Oopsies didn’t even see this yesterday! Too bad I had to go right to work after ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Such a buzz kill!! You should do the NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 10K on Roosevelt Island December 15th and then get brunch with me and Alyse afterwards!!!!!!!

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