Don’t Make Me Laugh.

I am in so much pain right now. A good pain, but a strong one. I worked out with Brenda on Saturday morning, meaning I let her train me and I have never been in so much pain DURING a workout or after. Even after 4+ hours of cycling last week, she beat me to a pulp. More on that later, but let’s discuss the delicious food I’ve had since we talked last!

Backtracking to last week, I was so exhausted from my 3 spin classes in 24 hours that I took Wednesday and Thursday off to rest. Wednesday night my brother came down to the city so we met up in Brooklyn for pizza and froyo/Shake Shack. Grimaldi’s for pizza of course, 2 pies for the 3 of us. Demolished.

Pie 1 of 2.
Pie 1 of 2.
My 2 favorite guys in the world!
My 2 favorite guys in the world!

On the way back to my brother’s car we passed Orange Leaf and since I was on an antibiotic last week, I figured I HAD to get my yogurt intake for the day. Right?!

photo 3 (3)

Sadly I barely made a dent into it. I wasn’t crazy full from the pizza but my appetite just isn’t as raging since I’ve been running less. Even tons of Spin doesn’t make me as hungry as running! Anyone else?! The boys got Shake Shack shakes and John literally ordered a double burger too. After 6 pieces of pizza. No words.

Friday I was off from job #1 but job #2 I had at 6:00 PM so I got to sleep in a little and then busted out 1 of my finals. My class Friday night was so great again! I am loving teaching cycling SO SO much and right now since I’m just subbing I have no classes scheduled this week and I’m so sad. Hoping someone will need a sub!

1.5 mile treadmill run first then class!
1.5 mile treadmill run first then class!

After class I went back home to finish another final and get to bed relatively early for my morning session with Brenda!

Saturday morning was so beautiful and I was so grateful to be off from work to enjoy it. Saturdays have a great feel to them when you don’t have to be stuck at a desk all day! I ran 3 miles first to warm-up and then Brenda put me through absolute torture. It looked like this:

  • 1500 meter row in 6 minutes. Broken into 500 meters in 2 mins, rest, then repeat 2 more times. I was almost in tears halfway through minute 1.
  • TRX squats (20), TRX bodyweight rows (10) , tuck jump to squat thrust x 15— repeat this circuit twice. The bodyweight rows were INSANELY hard!
  • Assisted pull-ups w/ a band. In a nutshell, I could basically not even do 1 WITH the band. Hardest thing ever, great thing to work towards!
  • 3 sets of 10 lat pulldowns w/ 72 pounds (random weight but on a machine)
  • Ab circuit: full sit up w/ legs on the ground (pilates move) on the way back bring your legs back and then reach up to touch toes x 15; feet in TRX strap, bring legs to chest then pike x5, feet in TRX strap, brings legs to chest then spread legs apart x10

Sorry if my descriptions are weird, not sure of proper names just yet! All I can say is that besides my shoulders/lats/forearms/every inch of my arms being insanely sore, my abs have NEVER felt sore from a workout before. I wanted to punch her in her face, naturally. It hurts so bad to laugh, cough and sit up. I will definitely be repeating this circuit on my own!! She is AMAZING at what she does. If you are in the NYC area and want her info to get training with her, let me know!!!!

No better way to start a weekend than sweating with your best friend. The rest of Saturday was spent brunching with John at Grey Dog, of course. Afterwards we got coffee and walked around for a few hours, before deciding to go home and just relax since it was pretty cold out. I got pretty wild and made a big bowl of chicken noodle soup and ate it in bed. Have you ever heard of such a wild Saturday night?!

photo 2 (4)


By the way, Progresso chicken noodle is really good.

I also had a few bites of a chocolate chip cookie dough Questbar after. After 3 bites I realized I could NOT bare the taste of it anymore. Over the summer I loved them, but I was also still using a lot of artificial sweeteners. Now that I eat mainly real food and only really use stevia in my coffee in the morning and that’s it, it tasted awful to me. It also upset my stomach within minutes. Not knocking but all in all they are a pretty fake food and I will not be ever buying them again!

Sunday morning I woke up planning to run 8-9 miles. I woke up exhausted, sore beyond words, and nothing in the world sounded better than going back to sleep and just spending the morning in bed with John. Something we never get to do! It felt amazing and I felt no regrets. I have 2 races this weekend and haven’t been running much at all, but I have no worries. I’m enjoying the rest of the year before I get serious again with training and it feelsย good!ย After snuggling for a few hours, we made our way to brunch at Brindle Room. A weekend with my 2 favorite brunch spots is THE BEST. We were ready to gnaw our arms off by the time we got there since it was 1:30 and we hadn’t eaten anything yet. He got his burger and fries, I had my favorite smoked pork hash and for “dessert” we split the banana challah french toast with nutella and fruit. YUM.

photo 3 (4)

my cute date
my cute date

photo 4 (3)

photo 5 (3)

To avoid the food coma we were about to slip into, we walked around for quite awhile and did some shopping at Marshall’s. I got a new really big pot to make chili in, fleece lined leggings to run in, Nike training gloves (my hands get SO sweaty when I lift and hurt) and Nike dri-fit slight compression socks. I live and breathe for Marshall’s/TJ Maxx, dudes.

It started to snow around 4:30 so we made our way home and did a huge load of laundry. Our bag weighed probably 30 pounds and we have to lug it 2 blocks so we counted that as our workout. We worked up our appetite for dinner finally around 8:30 and got 2 human-sized pieces of pizza. $3 each. Can you seriously beat that?!

photo 3 (5)

(Don’t worry- I peeled off my cheese. Sigh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

Ha! So big
Ha! So big

Not the best pizza ever but good for being so cheap and huge.

And the weekend ended with setting up our first ever NYC Christmas tree that my roommate decorated so beautifully!

photo 2 (5)


So there ya have it. A solid week of workouts and not-so-healthy food. That’s what weekends are for!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Laugh.”

  1. I always love reading your blog! I love how yours is abut fitness, but has a realistic spin when it comes to food and eating out. Yours, and a few others, have inspired me to start one. The hardest part – coming up with the name! (I have my ifrst post done, but havent released it yet bc I am not sold on the name.) Mine is going to be about eating out and cooking at home in Boston area. Any help on the name is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Amy!! I like to keep it real and show that i’m always trying to find a good balance of exercise and healthy eating/fun eating ๐Ÿ˜‰ Funny thing is that I wanted my blog name to be artificially sweet but it was taken, not sure how i came up with balanced but i didnt love it at first! It ended up sticking and now i couldnt imagine it being something else! Make a list of some words that capture what you want to write about and then figure out if you want your name involved, or an adjective to describe the word you came up with! Whatever you come up with, I can’t wait for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love the fruity pebbles in the fro-yo! That brunch looks so good and I’d totally have to get some pancakes or french toast on the side of mine too! Have y’all tried Clinton St. Baking for brunch? Seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever had there and the homemade huge fluffy biscuits are sooo good.

    I wish my gym had the TRX machines, they seem like such a good workout.

    1. Fruity pebs are my go-to froyo topping and my boyfriend thinks its so gross! haha Never heard of Clinton St baking but definitely adding it to my list now!!! LOVE pancakes! Tom’s in Brooklyn has the best ones ive ever had. This was my first time using the TRX straps… they look SO innocent. I was so wrong. haha!

  3. That workout sounds like a complete biatch!! but so good! Hate rowing, it’s so awful. Every time I complain at CrossFit, and every time I get made fun of. That pizza, damnnn girl, that thing is ginormous! Love how excited spinning is making you xoxox and when the crazy holidays are over I must come visit! Cho and froyo has our name on it!

    1. Rowing is seriously AWFUL. But that just means I have to start doing it more cause it must work! Yesssss after holiday season you are coming down again!! โค

  4. I had Grimaldis on Saturday too!! Sooo good- that crust, yummm! I need to try these brunch places that you mentioned…and why can boys eat so much and stay fit? Not fair haha!

    1. I want to eat Grimaldis everyyyyy day! haha It’s so unfair right?! My boyfriend should really be about 400 pounds!

    1. THANK YOU so much Jenna!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Scarf I just bought from H&M, it is sooo cozy and tighter fitting to keep out the wind here in NYC! ๐Ÿ™‚

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