Should I Keep?

Hi! A bit boring over here today. NYC is totally gross right now with the “snow” which is really just thick rain today. Not sure if you know but… I hate winter. πŸ˜‰

After work last night I dragged my tired butt to a cycle class with the intention of using it as a recovery ride. I am still so sore from Brenda’s ass-whooping and from all the classes I taught and went to last week, so I needed to just get a little sweaty and flush my legs out. The class ended up being the perfect mix of recovery and flushing! Not too many hills, lots of fast legs with light resistance.

photo 1


Devoured this Luna bar on the way home. It tasted like heaven. The best flavor ever!

photo 2


Then whipped up one of my random creations using what I had in the fridge. The flavor combo was really surprisingly great!

photo 3


Small sweet potato cut down the middle and microwaved for 3-4 minutes until soft but not mushy. Sprinkled with smoked paprika and garlic powder then topped with crumbled goat cheese, turkey bacon, and egg whites with jalapenos. Dijon mustard on top. I pretty much “mmmm” ‘ed my way through the whole thing.

I woke up super late but still wanted time to run at least 1 mile so I could test out this new watch I bought from Active Gear Up. I’ve had a Garmin before and sold it because it is next to impossible to get GPS satellite to register until you reach Central Park. I like to run around the streets and I’m almost a mile away from Central Park from my gym, so this really annoys me. This watch was on sale for a great price so I grabbed it.

photo 4


After 10 minutes of walking around/jogging and getting no signal, I was PISSED and now I want to return it. It seems like all the other runners I know here in NYC have a Garmin so I have to ask… do you all live just a few blocks from Central Park so you get satellites pretty fast? This just seems to be a waste of money if my Runkeeper app can work better and it’s free. Should I test it out again or just get my money back? I have to wake up at 4:30 AM just to get to the gym on time before work, so waiting around for 10+ minutes every morning extra is NOT something I am willing to do. Also, isn’t it so pretty? πŸ™‚

Runners- do you run with a GPS watch or use a phone app?

4 thoughts on “Should I Keep?”

  1. Garmins work well if you stand still in an open area. Mine connects in less than a minute in an area not enclosed by buildings. If you walk or run while trying to get a signal it will take forever.

    1. I tried standing still for about 5 mins, then started to walk/jog but the problem is I am surrounded completely by buildings. For some reason my Runkeeper app very rarely has a problem finding a signal, but every GPS watch I’ve used can’t do it until Ive reached the park and its over a mile away. I know i could just add on that mile at the end of my run, but my OCD would not allow that haha

  2. I really want a watch like that except just for the sake of tracking heart rate in calories….because I don’t have any running to track πŸ˜‰ NO WAY the caramel nut brownie luna bar is my FAVORITE! It’s so dessert like and only errrm 140 calories? Not bad at all.

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