Those Things I Love.

Following your dreams is sometimes really, really hard to do. There are a lot of setbacks and it can really get you down, not to mention can take a long time to really get to. So sometimes you have to focus on what else makes you happy. Even if it’s superficial things. For me those superficial things are coffee and shopping. Coffee makes me happy in a HUGE way and I realize that may be kind of weird but I am more than just an addict. It makes me happy so I spend money on it that I figure into my budget, and only go to places that have rewards for what you buy. I justify it that way so I am at least getting a free drink every now and then 😉  I don’t have much money to shop because I prefer to save what I can these days, but sometimes you just have to #treatyoself. A little. Right?!

My favorite mug, great quote and filled with the good stuff
My favorite mug, great quote and filled with the good stuff

photo 1

My new favorite drink you MUST try, especially if you like bubble tea. This tastes just like it but about 1/10th of the calories and totally customizable. I saw this all over Instagram this week. Order a 1/2 black iced coffee and 1/2 black iced tea (unsweetened) plus whatever milk you want. Add your own splenda or stevia on the side, gulp down. I’m so happy about this discovery because not only is bubble tea too caloric, they never have soy or almond milk so the dairy murders me. Wooooop!

photo 2

THE comfiest and softest shirt ever from the Gap, their Gapfit line. I got it in a large so it would be loose fitting even though it’s meant to be a bottom layer workout shirt. I wasn’t intending to run in it, but today was so cold I needed more than just a tank top under my Lululemon running jacket. Got this baby on sale for $12.99 a few weekends ago. I also got it in navy blue and gray stripes. Available here!

And these were an impulse purchase on my lunch break today. Well, technically I have been shopping around for a good pair of dressy yet casual booties like these.

photo (3)


They miraculously had one pair left at the store and in my size. For the minute I walked around in them, they were comfortable. Let’s see how they do at my work holiday party Friday night. I’m definitely returning the watch I wrote about yesterday so this is also how I try to be mindful about shopping. I wouldn’t have bought these if I was keeping the watch, but technically now I spent less money. Mind tricks?

And the one place in the world that can always cheer me up and shower me with inspiration and thankfulness is Central Park. 4.25 glorious sunrise miles around this beauty this morning.

photo 3


What superficial things make you happy?

Are you a shopper or a saver? What things do you indulge in when shopping? I am much more a shoes/accessories gal than clothes.

11 thoughts on “Those Things I Love.”

  1. one of my favorite superficial things was having my nails shellaced. I would go every 2.5 weeks and get them done in bright red. i loved it, and it was reasonably priced. The problem I had was finding the time to sit for an hour each time. Now I do my own nails and they look fine, just not for long

    1. i’ve only had one shellac done and it was a pedicure, and it lasted me an entire summer!! I love them and mani/pedis in general but definitely its more of a time thing than cost for me too! treat yourself! 😉

  2. The gapfit line is amazing–I have that shirt in a few colors and I love it! I’m always a spender when it comes to clothes and food…but now that my student loans are starting to creep up on me I might have to rethink that haha

    1. They are so awesome!! I want to start treating myself to them like every 2 months or so. Here in NYC you can find lots of places that offer $20-$25 mani/pedis and they are great!!

  3. I’m definitely used to spend copious amounts of money on coffee but lately I’ve been making it at home (most of the time). I spend insane amounts of money on food…and protein powder….oh and Whole Foods or New Seasons salad bar. I hardly spend any money on clothes anymore in order to justify my food spending. Food > clothes

  4. Ditto the coffee!!! (Starbucks gold card is my BFF.) And I buy entirely too many purses, bags, and books (nerd alert).

    Student loans are of the devil! 😫

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