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Merry Christmas Eve! I started my week off yesterday teaching the 7:00 AM Spin class at the Soho location of 24 Hour Fitness. It was my first time teaching at that location and, as always in my life, eventful. The headset was different than my home gym and ended up not working at all, so I had to yell the whole class over the music. It actually was fine and made my energy come out even more! Only 3 people showed up because of the holiday (i’m assuming) but they were strong & I think I definitely woke them up. The room was SO HOT, like bikram yoga hot. I loved it. The sweatier the better! Here’s the playlist I used twice last week and this morning. I have to work on a new one for next week but this has been a huge hit! Below it will be what we did to each song, in case you want to use this for your own spin workout!

photo (4)

Turn up the music- Warm-up, gradually add resistance to prepare for 4 songs of hills!

Super Bass- Moderate hill, seated pickups every chorus for 30 seconds

Sleepyhead- Add more resistance to get to a level 6.5-7 hill but moving legs to hit the beat, come up to position 3 for each chorus 

Flashing Lights- heavy hill (level 8-9) with seated pickups every 10 SECONDS! The beat picks up every 10 seconds of the whole song, you move faster each 10 seconds. Should feel really hard by the end! 

Your Body- STAY ON THE HILL. Earn your downhill. Every chorus, turn resistance down and run in position 3. First chorus is 20 seconds, so only take off a little resistance. 2nd is 40 seconds so take off more. Final chorus, fly down that hill for 40 seconds!

When Loves Takes Over- Recovery song. Light resistance, fast legs to flush out the hills. 2 x 30 second pick-ups in the saddle at 0:52 and 2:23.

You Make Me Feel- Run with resistance. Add on enough to make keeping up with the beat challenging. 4 sets of sprints- First sprint (15 seconds) at 0:58 in position 3, back to saddle. 2nd sprint (30 seconds) at 1:42, stay in position 3 and continue to 3rd sprint (15 seconds) at 2:26, back to saddle. Last 30 second sprint in the saddle at 3:00.

Hard- heavy hill climb in the saddle, come up to position 3 for each chorus. Add on resistance before each chorus to end in a level 9 hill!

Jumpin’ Jumpin’- take off some resistance but keep enough to run in position 2. Fast run in position 2, fast run in position 3 for each chorus. Add on a little resistance throughout to avoid bouncing while running in 2.

Blurred Lines- light-moderate resistance, fast legs for whole song. Run in position 2 for 30 seconds at 0:50, back to saddle, then run in position 2 for 30 seconds again at 1:54, then down to position 3 for 30 seconds right after. Back to saddle and run fast from 3:30-end.

Pour It Up- Run with resistance in position 3 for whole song. Add on a little resistance to make it more challenging before each chorus!

Hollaback Girl- lighten resistance but keep enough to do jumps. 3 sets of jumps that are 30 seconds long, with 2 counts. Starting at 0:40, come out of the saddle for 2 seconds then back down for 2 seconds and repeat for 30 seconds. 2nd set starts at 1:30; last set starts at 2:24.

Starships- Sprints on a hill! Get on a moderate-heavy hill and get ready for 6 total sprints (THIS INCLUDES THE NEXT SONG!). First sprint is 15 seconds at 1:09. 2nd sprint is 15 seconds at 2:26. 3rd sprint is 15 seconds at 3:12. CLASS CHOICE WHETHER THEY SPRINT IN THE SADDLE OR IN POSITION 3!

Sweet Nothing- stay on the hill, last 3 sprints. FULL OUT SPRINTS FOR LAST SONG! 1st sprint is 15 seconds at 1:03, 2nd sprint is 15 seconds at 2:17 and last sprint is 30 seconds at 2:55.

Forrest Gump- Cooldown.

So fun. And YAY, I figured out how to copy and paste a playlist. Congrats to me.

Sunday night my brother came down and we went to dinner and got froyo after I got out of work. The froyo was necessary at 10:00 PM because dinner was disappointing. We went to Heights Tavern and usually the food is great but it was pretty bad this night. Oh well, my eggnog froyo made up for it! Eggnog flavored anything is my favorite and I wish they had it all year.

photo 2

The fact that it was 65 degrees Sunday night and we didn’t wear coats on December 22nd was freaking amazing. Ya’ll know my hatred for the cold. And now we’re back to the cold.

Since I was off from job #1 yesterday, I got to spend the day with my brother and his girlfriend. We had lunch at 5 Napkin Burger (the place I take all my visitors at one point or another!) and another round of froyo that we all ended up regretting. We were so full from 5 Napkin but who says no to froyo? It was great, as always, to spend time with those two. I love them and we always laugh our butts off.

Once I got home last night around 6, I felt like I hadn’t slept in a month. The last week I have been so exhausted, like I mentioned last post, that I fall asleep on the subway and can’t get out of bed when my alarm goes off. I seem to struggle with this every month when I have PMS. I guess extreme fatigue can really be a symptom of it. Anyone else struggle with it? I need some way to deal with it if it is going to happen to me once a month for many years to come. I also probably have low iron levels at the moment since my diet has consisted of mainly sugar this month. Ugh. Gotta get my dang act together! I was going to go to bed without eating dinner but John got my butt up to make something healthy. It ended up being really delicious and I feel a little better today.

photo 3


Sweet potato brussels sprouts hash with a runny egg, chicken sausage and hot sauce, plus toast with ketchup. It IS NOT weird to put ketchup on bread.

What are your Christmas Eve plans? John and I are doing our tradition for the last 2 years; order Domino’s and watch random TV. A.K.A what we do a lot of Tuesday nights haha. Sadly Christmas just doesn’t feel like any type of special day anymore. But I truly hope you all enjoy yours and if you get to be with family, cherish every moment. You never know when it will be your last Christmas with family.

8 thoughts on “Spin Playlist + More”

  1. Merry Christmas. I spent the morning with my dad, and the afternoon with hub’s family. Tonight is wine, relaxing and tv before the family heads here for breakfast. Back to working out Thursday….and my first race of 2014 in a week

  2. Great blog! Hope you were able to make your own special Christmas memories. I also suffered greatly from PMS for many years and was eventually diagnosed with severe endometriosis. Keep exercising, drink lots of water (I know that’s the last thing you want when feeling bloated), cut out the sugars, alcohol and most carbs leading up to the time, and ask your doctor if you need an iron supplement. I was thrilled when I was finally diagnosed because I felt like I had the flu every month. Hang in there!

    1. thanks for the advice!! i think not only do i have severe PMS every month but all the junky food ive been eating all month has really contributed to my feeling so lethargic!

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