Christmas 2013

Well, we survived Christmas 2013. And despite my doubts, it ended up being a really good day. A very relaxed day. Even though the restaurant we went to was horrendous, I didn’t even freak out on the waitress like I sometimes never do.

Christmas Eve we ordered our traditional Domino’s pizzas and watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad, leaving the last one for Christmas. I semi-planned on waking up to run but then decided to set no alarm and rest. Like, actual rest. No worries of working out or reservations or anything. I slept for almost 12 hours, not hearing a peep until 11:45! Heaven. Johnny made coffee and I made some cinnamon buns while we relaxed and opened up our little gifts and stockings.

photo 2 (1)


photo 1 (1)


So that would be my stocking fillings from John! Haha so great, so ME! 2 avocados, swedish fish for my long run fuel, a cold pack for my leg, and rotting carrots as a joke obvi. And the pink fluff in the back is my new huge robe! I have been saying I wanted a robe for months and kept forgetting to look anywhere for one, but my sweet dude remembered and grabbed me such a fluffy one!

photo 3 (1)

Ignore how awful I look, but don’t ignore my amazing new fur vest I bought myself for Christmas! I will be buried in this thing one day.

After hours of lounging around, we set out for dinner even though all we wanted to do was stay in our warm apartment. Which is exactly what we should have done. Whatever you do, don’t go to Duke’s on 39th and 3rd avenue. After searching on Opentable for a cheap place that was open, we thought the menu sounded good and came here. The service was the worst service I’ve ever had at a restaurant! And the food was really not good at all, to the point where John and I both felt sick after. Ugh, right? Next year we’ll either be splurging to go somewhere fancy or stay home and eat chinese in our PJ’s! Oh well, it felt good to get kinda dressed up.

Camo/leather sleeve jacket with my fur vest over. Love the contrast!
Camo/leather sleeve jacket with my fur vest over. Love the contrast!

photo 4


Ended the night with these sea salt caramels from CVS that are so freaking delicious, and watched the last episode of Breaking Bad. Can’t say I loved the ending but it feels good to be caught up now!

Got my butt up for a 4 mile run through the beautiful park this morning. Definitely need to get back to being more consistent with my running. However, teaching spin so much lately has made my endurance even better and my heart rate is lower than usual while running!

photo 3 (2)


How was your Christmas??

8 thoughts on “Christmas 2013”

  1. I got new shoes today…adidas supernova glide 6, did three dreadmill miles tonight but plan to try them outside tomorrow

  2. Christmas was wonderful and chaotic and now it’s almost time to head home. Ahhh. 🙂 Your day sounds nice with some well-deserved calm!

    And you have fueled my desire for some glasses just like those. Adorable.

    1. Wonderful and chaotic is exactly how christmas usuallllyyyy should be, but a relaxing one now and again is also good 🙂 I’ve been told by some people they hate this shape of glasses on me! haha but i love them. These ones are Chanel and I got them at Cohen’s here in NYC. I couldnt even use my work discount for them and they still were in the $300 range which isnt much more than you’d pay for a no-name brand! Not sure if you are near a Cohen’s but they are so great there.

    1. The green jacket with leather sleeves is from Forever 21 and so is the fur vest 🙂 I will most likely never stop shopping there no matter how old I get! lol I definitely over did it on christmas too and my stomach is still not happy with me!

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