Bye bye, $482.

Yesterday wasn’t really supposed to be much of an eventful day. I got to sleep in a little, grabbed a bagel and coffee to tide me over for a few hours since I had a dentist appointment at 11. I went there unshowered (sorry) expecting to be back home maybe in 2 hours or so. Wrong. I needed a crown put in over a filling that broke or something (I really don’t even know exactly what happened, but a small piece of one of my back teeth chipped off) because of my other dentist’s botch job. No problem, right? I did not expect it to be painful or to need as much novacaine as they gave me but it was a horrible experience that ended up costing me $482 after my insurance coverage. Seriously 50% is all you can cover? I will never understand health insurance. I am thankful that I only had to pay half but it makes no sense to me. I was there for 3 hours due to lack of dentists in the office yesterday and the procedure itself was done in steps that took forever. I had a horrible anxiety attack and was in a ton of pain the rest of the day and night.

Luckily my spin class was great last night and the pain went totally away for the whole hour I taught! It returned right after, of course. I picked up this class last minute Thursday night so I didn’t have time to prep a new playlist. My next classes are next Friday however more may become available so I have to work on a new playlist today. I love, love picking songs for my classes! I keep getting great compliments to both me and the front desk that the members are loving my classes and especially my music. 😀

I was forced to eat soft foods for the rest of the day yesterday and needed carbs to fuel me up for my class and a short run before class. I stopped by Whole Foods in Columbus Circle on my way home and grabbed a Jamba Juice. I would normally never get anything here but desperate times. I ordered a blueberry-strawberry-banana drink off the kid’s menu that had no milk or anything added just the 3 fruits.

photo 2


$3 for this tiny thing! Which would come back to haunt me hours later during class. I can’t digest smoothies properly for some reason. I had such bad heartburn I thought I was going to puke all over my bike. Fail.

Dinner was something quick, easy, and soft. Cold sesame noodles and spicy tuna sushi. This still took me an hour to eat because my mouth was so sensitive, but so good!

photo 3


This was not eaten yesterday but a couple of days ago at work. This flavor is so good! Topped with a little peanut butter and a broken up sea salt chocolate square.

photo 1


Oh yeah, yesterday was the first day in probably a month I had no candy/cookies/etc. I guess it takes my mouth being numb to lay off the sweets. Sad!

Have you ever had expensive dental work?

What was your workout yesterday?

15 thoughts on “Bye bye, $482.”

    1. It does suck! I am just trying to remember how lucky I am to have health insurance so that I didn’t have to pay $1000!

  1. that yogurt bowl sounds so good! And I hate unexpected expenses! Just had to drop $275 for a new front light in my car. UGH! what the effity eff! Hope your day gets better my love! Yesterday was my first day in 5 years (exagg) not having candy.

    1. Ahhhh those car expenses I do not miss at all!! every other month i would have to spend a few hundred on my old ass beetle! its prob the best part of living in nyc is not having to worry about driving anywhere! i went friday with no sweets then had 3 cookies last night. fail.

  2. I am sorry you were in so much pain, ouch! I live in Canada and have full health benefits through my employer, which I am so thankful for, I use them so much (not because I am sick, but because I get acupuncture, massages, and regular check-ups and cleanings at the denise) I can’t imagine having to cover such a huge and unexpected cost.

    I did a 30 minute workout during my lunch break yesterday,chest and triceps. I am feeling the good ol’ burn today.

    1. so jealous of your health coverage in Canada!! The US is ridiculous and its quite scary to even have health insurance knowing that you still have to pay huge amounts! Love that you worked out on your lunch break! I miss being able to do that!

  3. I have my regular dentist appt on Monday and they are going to make me schedule a crown/whatever. I have had such horrible dentist experiences that I get light headed just thinking about it … Not to mention the huge bill! Wahhhh! So sorry you had to struggle through that too! Maybe you will be my inspiration when it’s my turn?!

    1. So sorry to hear you are going through the same thing! The dentist is a scary place always 😦 i will be thinking about you and hope that all goes well!

    1. it’s seriously criminal how expensive textbooks are!! now that i have to start paying my student loans im seeing just how much i really spent on them, ughhhh.

    1. lol! i survived one day before i was back at it on saturday, however im doing a lot better and not having SO much. i had froyo last night and i went a little easy on the toppings because im actually over sweets but cant stop eating them. wtf?!?!

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