Hair Woes.

Welcome to Hump Day, ya’ll! This week has flown by so far which is always great. I am ready for the next 6 weeks to fly by before we can welcome at least consistent 40-50 degree weather. I am so over this winter that I don’t have adequate enough words to express my feelings towards it. Literally all I have the energy to do after work is get into bed and fall right asleep, and getting out of bed for the gym unless I have to teach has been non-existent. Send me motivation, please and thank you.

Since I don’t have much to report on on the fitness front today, I thought I would post some things I am currently coveting and my big dilemma at the moment; what the frick to do with my hair. I am truthfully not a fan of my hair and almost never have been. I have maybe 10 good hair days a year. The texture of my hair has changed dramatically over the last decade and it leaves me increasingly more frustrated with what to do with it. I had naturally curly/wavy hair my whole life until the last two years. Suddenly it grows really fast, is much more straight than ever before, extremely snarly, and grows OUTWARD near my ears?? Last March I decided to chop off almost 11 inches after my hair wouldn’t even hold a curl anymore because it just sucks that hard. I loved it, but it grew out SO FAST because every hair on my body apparently grows at lightening speed. (TMI?)

Also, let’s face it. I don’t have time or the desire to do anything fancy with my hair 99% of the time. Since (when I am being consistent) I work out most mornings, I only have 30 minutes to shower and get ready at the gym to get to work. I will never sacrifice workout time to spend extra time on my hair. Ever. It just ain’t worth it to me, folks. I’m comfortable in my messiness, thank you very much. So whatever I do to my hair, it has to maintain a level of needing absolutely no product and being able to be dirty most days of the week. But when I DO want to get a little fancy (probably 10 days a year) I need it to cooperate. I’m also not sure I love my platinum blonde anymore but that I am willing to stick with since putting dark over it will most likely not come out very well and I don’t have the time or money to fix that. I will talk to my stylist when I get it done in a few weeks but here is what I am ultimately thinking I want.



No idea who this pretty gal is, it’s from Pinterest. This length is a litttttle short for me but I think I need something totally different to scare the crap out of me. How does one put their hair to workout when it’s this short? At my shortest length last year I could still put it in a ponytail but this doesn’t look like I could? Anyone out there who is good with hair please send suggestions and tips! I think I love this color scheme too. Similar to what I have now, but with a little more brown added which I love. This haircut also seems like it guarantees I’ll have to move to California so I’m fine with that as well 😀

Besides that hair, I also really want the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf. It’s apparently sold out online and in all stores (is this true???) and I can’t afford to spend $80 on one on ebay but I sure do want one. You can wear it 10 different ways!

vinyasa scarf


If anyone has a Lululemon near them that has this, I will PayPal you to send it to me and throw in something yummy! 😉

I am not in need of new workout clothes but as usual I want them, so I ventured into Victoria’s Secret on my lunch break because some of their sport line was on sale. Turns out, it was 50% off the sale price! I can’t link to any of them because they aren’t on the website but I will take pictures and show you what I got. Pretty stoked to have gotten 3 tops (2 with connected sports bras) and a sports bra for $65 total! It would have originally been $165. Woop woop!

What’s your relationship with your hair? Love it or hate it?


18 thoughts on “Hair Woes.”

    1. WTF R U GOD.? I probably would have to prostitute to afford him so I hope my stylist up in hill billy land can match it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

  1. I love her hair and am jealous of it! I have naturally super curly hair so I am limited on what looks good besides natural, I use to straighten the shit outta my hair when I was young, up until age 20-21, when I finally found a hair stylist that showed me how to make my curls look beautiful. I so wish I could pull off something short though, maybe in another life! Their vinyasa scarf is AMAZING, you totally need one, but yeah 80$ on ebay is cray. I heard the VS workout stuff is great, I will have to check them out soon.

    1. I’m so jealous of your naturally curly hair! We always want what we dont have! Definitely check out their stuff in stores while its on sale… when its not on sale its less expensive than Lulu full price but still more than I’d pay!

  2. Also not a fan of my own hair but learning to live with it because, as you said, my priorities are in different places than hair!! And as for that length, it should fit in a small pony pulled back with a headband…

  3. I don’t like doing anything with my hair because it hates to be messed with. It’s so fine that it refuses to be molded, so most of the time I keep it long and straight, cuz that’s all it lets me do. lol To make up for it I sometimes get crazy colors put in.

    1. I think we all have hair troubles unless you are a verrrrry lucky gal! Crazy colors are so fun and i really wish i could do it but i would be fired 🙂 lol

      1. True true, I think that is the case for a lot of professionals. A lot of people are surprised that my sister and I (both teachers) can get away with it. We are lucky that our school districts and the parents don’t think it’s an issue.

  4. Check out the “Lululemon Trading Post” group on Facebook. I’m pretty sure you could find someone selling the Vinyasa scarf for retail or less if you join the group and do an ISO post. Good luck!

  5. I’m all ears on easy hair styles for work. I like to work out in the morning also but showering, blow drying the hair, make up, etc takes forever. Not to mention I have a 30 mile commute to and from work that can take any where from 45 mins. to an hour depending on the traffic. Any suggestions? Are you letting your hair air dry in a bun or pony for work?

    1. Not sure what type of hair you have but i cant wash my hair every day anyways so i wash it 2 times a week, 3 times TOPS. It’s probably gross but what I do is put a towel on my hair turban style while i shower after i work out then blow dry the sweat into my hair and use dry shampoo. I can only wear my hair down maybe once after i sweat really hard in my hair so i usually just throw it up in a bun! Its just not worth it to me to take time out of my workout to have pretty hair haha

  6. I looove that haircut/style/color! So cute. I’ve been wanting to change my hair lately…however, I don’t want to cut or dye it…so I’m kinda out of luck. I absolutely cannot pull off short hair, and I know I would regret cutting it because it takes FOREVER to grow out (I’ve been growing mine for 8 years…). If I dye my hair, it’s really hard to get it back to my natural color without bleaching it and I really don’t want to damage my hair with bleach. Womppp womp. So I def think you should get your hair like that and I’ll just live vicariously through you…. 😉 Oh, and if you can wear that Lululemon scarf 10 different ways, you’re basically just buying 10 different clothing items…which is a pretty good deal 🙂

  7. Hey Jenn!! This is my first time reading your wonderful blog. Makes me miss you!!
    I just cut off my hair last week about the same length as this girl. It was totally random I just was one day bored of my long dark hair. But it is impossible to put it back for a workout. I have just been rockin’ the mullet to yoga with a bun on top and stragglers on my neck. It’s great – Kundalini in the front, vinyasa in the back. Kind of annoying if I work up a great sweat; but if I wear a big thick headband, those stragglers are gone and all is well!
    PS – if you do chop it all off, the amount of conditioner you save is fantastic. 🙂

    1. HEY GIRL! I didddd chop it off and am loving it! I laughed so hard at your mullet yoga comment.. mine does the same thing! Or I look bald because I can put it like in the lower middle of the back of my head. Oh well, i ain’t in the gym to impress no one 😉

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