Happy Friday!!

Can you believe I have another weekend off? 2 in a row? Woop! I am teaching a class Sunday though, which I’m pumped for. Even though this week flew by, I worked a lot of overtime and only worked OUT once, so I’m pretty exhausted. I was just having this conversation with one of my co-workers about how when she works out less, she’s too awake to sleep at night. For me, when I work out less, I’m tired ALL THE TIME. How is it for you guys? I’m so happy we’re leaving January and entering February… the last brutally cold month of the season! (Fingers and toes crossed)

So I’m on a sushi kick this week. Well, as of last night and today. My extremely long day yesterday included no lunch break so by the time I got home I wanted no part of cooking. There’s a chinese/thai/sushi place around the corner from me that has REALLY good sushi and it’s really cheap. No pic but I had the spicy tuna and american dream roll which had shrimp and something else I can’t even remember. I was a zombie eating, okay? Today for lunch my awesome co-worker treated me to sushi and it was delicious! It also comes with a small side salad with the most amazing ginger dressing ever that I dip my sushi in.

photo 3


The roll on the left is the showstopper. Peanuts and avocado! The crunch is amazing. Middle roll is spicy tuna and right is shrimp avocado. YUMMMM. But seriously, get sushi tonight and get a peanut avocado roll.

I went to pick up my paycheck from the gym and stopped by my favorite bubble tea place on earth. It’s my favorite because they have non-dairy milk options! I get the honeydew bubble tea with soy milk and no added sugar (there’s sugar in the powder of course) but next time I will try it with almond milk for even less calories. P.S. the extra income from teaching Spin goes all into my savings account and it’s really nice to be able to save at a faster rate!

photo 2


Favorite snack of the week:

photo 4


(Cold) roasted sweet potato topped with melted coconut oil that turns into a shell. Simple, healthy and outrageously good.

What’s your favorite kind of sushi?

Have you ever had bubble tea? Favorite flavor? I meet so many people who have never had it before! I worked at the bubble tea cafe in my hometown for a few months and drank soooo many of them. It was definitely in my overweight years! They are a great treat once in awhile but definitely high in sugar.


8 thoughts on “Susshiiiii”

  1. I love your outlook: we survived January!! Whew.
    I need to suck it up and try real (non grocery store) sushi. I’ll use your suggestions when I do! And I would love to try bubble tea!!

  2. The showstopper sushi looks so good. Have you tried coconut butter before, it’s delicious and naturally sweet because it’s made from the coconut meat, I eat it on everything 🙂

  3. I love tempura salmon rolls or spicy tuna sashimi! I also love bubble tea. My boyfriend is Asian so I have come to love most Asian foods and drinks!

    1. I have to try spicy tuna sashimi! i always stick with what i know! mmm i could go for sushi and bubble tea again right now!

    1. Yes you are girl! Sushi isn’t for everyone, but bubble tea is just a sweet treat so i’m sure you’d love it!

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