New York Rangers + Balls

Today is going to be a 2 post kinda day because I have some words about The Biggest Loser’s winner. I want that to be a totally separate post, so this one is to show my super fun night last night at my first New York Rangers hockey game! I bought tickets to it for John and I for our anniversary and the game was last night. This was my first Rangers game and first time ever at MSG which is just crazy huge and awesome inside. Also, everyone was REALLY friendly. I was scared. That is not normal in New York šŸ˜‰

Walking to our section and I yelled out "Holy Shit"
Walking to our section and I yelled out “Holy Shit”
I suck at pictures but this was the view from our seats. Really not bad for being up high!
I suck at pictures but this was the view from our seats. Really not bad for being up high!
During the first score for the Rangers. Love that everyone stands up and goes crazy!
During the first score for the Rangers. Love that everyone stands up and goes crazy!

Hockey is pretty cool but let’s be real, I was bored out of my mind by the 2nd quarter? Inning? What the heck is it even called in hockey? I started to make John take selfies with me and although he looks happy he was really annoyed with me. šŸ™‚

photo 4

And best of all, 2 of my favorite people in the world were sitting just 2 rows behind us and since the seats beside us were empty, they came down to party. No picture of Joyce (why didn’t we do this!) but Sam is the coolest girl ever.

photo 2

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

They went to the gift shop to get me this bunny! They are the greatest. Please excuse my extremely puffy face as I woke up from a nap about 20 minutes before I had to be there and I had an extremely painful dentist appointment Monday night. Also, that coat is very unflattering but it keeps me warm so I choose to look like a snowman.

John and I were starving after the game so we had a late night date at The Meatball Shop. As usual, it was delicious and I couldn’t finish it all. They give you a TON of vegetables when you order the “kitchen sink” salad and the balls are really filling. I started with a market salad which had romaine, kale, fried shallots, sprinkled parm cheese and shallot vinaigrette.

photo 5 (3)


Then I had the special balls of the night which were buffalo chicken in blue cheese. Also known as my favorite thing in the world. Next time I’d ask for the sauce on the side because this was WAY too much blue cheese, even for me.

photo 1 (1)


The stuff at the top right did not get eaten nor did the carrot salad. I wasn’t feelin’ it at all. John had regular balls and the most amazing mashed potatoes. Ever. I took a few bites and they were so creamy I could have died. I’m sure there was at least 3 pounds of butter in them, natch.

photo 2 (1)


Friggin’ comfort food at it’s finest. I’m so ready for this fat winter to be over! I seriously

Have you ever been to a NHL hockey game? MSG?

What’s your favorite (not so healthy) comfort food?

7 thoughts on “New York Rangers + Balls”

    1. i think thats why i love the restaurant so much is cause you order them as balls šŸ™‚ matuuuure! you are cuter than us combined!!

  1. Aww I love hockey! I used to go to Portland Winterhawks games all the time….hockey fights are the best šŸ˜‰ It does take some time to catch onto though. Those meatballs with bleu cheese look delish, there’s nothing better than meat & bleu cheese. And I’m really looking forward to your post about the biggest loser…I didn’t watch it this season but saw a clip about the finale on a talk show last night and am kinda shocked….

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