Blends, Spin, Cookie bagel.

Based on this title, it’s safe to say my creative switch in my brain is off thanks to exhaustion and STILL being sick. I’m a lot better, but after I taught this morning I had to come home and take a 3 hour nap because I was shaking from being so tired and my body was really hurting. This has been like a step under the flu, and poor John has it now. GO AWAY, WINTER.

My weekend was pretty amazing despite being sick. I worked Saturday and came right home to get back in bed since I had my big workout day Sunday. I couldn’t skip my long run all together but Brenda and I cut it back to 6 miles so I wouldn’t push it TOO much. After my run, Allie and Beth who were in town to meet each other came to my spin class! It was so great to meet Beth and see Allie again since last summer! I was beyond excited to have them in my class along with Brenda and our friend Stephanie. Nothing better than friends in your class to kick their butts. We showered after class and headed to brunch at Hu Kitchen, a paleo restaurant that I had heard about and wanted to try forever! Not because I’m paleo because uh, I’m clearly not. My love for grains and sugar runs deep and won’t be ending… ever.

photo 2 (19)


photo 3 (12)

photo 1 (13)


I ordered the 2 eggs with sweet potato hash, pork sausage and paleo “bread”. The eggs, hash and pork were delicious! The bread however… well, I just wish they wouldn’t call it bread haha I didn’t like the taste of it at all, but the texture was more like a crumbly muffin type thing. No judgement if paleo is your thing and makes you feel great because that’s what it’s all about, but I truly couldn’t imagine my life without the foods that I love and I’m lucky that grains make me feel energized and great and not sluggish. Give me ALL the bagels.

I was waiting to see if I had to teach class at NuYu so Brenda, Eddie and John and I went to get coffee and talk for awhile. Once I found out I had no one sign up (we had a storm coming so that always deters people) John and I went to get some chicken at Dirty Bird. He’s obsessed with this place and they offer fried chicken, lightly battered chicken fingers, and rotisserie chicken. I’ve been craving chicken fingers for probably close to a year without giving in to it. It was my #1 favorite food when I was heavier and eating junk, and it was really hard to give them up! But I decided since I burned 1,200 calories that morning that I would try them out. Very glad I did. They were super lightly battered and I was actually able to pick off a lot of the breading. The chicken was the best chicken I’ve ever tasted, along with the vinegar coleslaw and honey mustard. I took a bite of the cornbread before realizing it’s made from corn which I cannot have without dying.

photo 4 (11)


John and I dragged our sick butts home and were in bed by 7. Again, go away winter.

Yesterday morning I taught my morning class at 6:30, went to work until 6:30 PM, then had another class at 7:30. It was a crazy long day but my classes were amazing and make me so happy. I stopped at 7-Eleven to try this Diet Cherry Coke slurpee that I got a free text coupon for and it was really disappointing. This is a random fact that you don’t even need to know but I was pretty butt-hurt by it.

photo 5 (9)

And dinner was a can of chicken noodle soup with 300 wheat crackers. I love when they get soggy because I’m strange.

photo 1 (14)


And my new favorite dessert if I’m needing something sweet at night. Just a tbsp of peanut butter dipped in dairy-free mini chocolate chips.

photo 2 (20)


After I taught my class this morning, I stopped at Brooklyn Bagel to get what I had waited for since last week when I saw that they had this flavor: another toasted coconut bagel with GIRL SCOUT SAMOA COOKIE CREAM CHEESE! I asked for just a little of the cream cheese since I shouldn’t be eating it anyway, and I ended up having to wipe off 4 NAPKINS WORTH of it off. Seriously who eats that much cream cheese?! Anyways, it was freaking amazing. So much coconut.

photo 4 (12)


My Dr. Oz show got switched until today and I’m currently watching but my video hasn’t played yet! I saw myself in the audience but I’m getting sad that they cut my video haha It’s been a little annoying trying to beg to find out when I will be on it!

Do you follow a paleo diet? The only thing I like about it is the abundance of avocado and bacon. But I can’t eat either without bread haha

Have you ever taken a friends fitness class? I wish you could all come to mine 🙂


15 thoughts on “Blends, Spin, Cookie bagel.”

    1. My video still didnt air 😦 The episode we were at was on yesterday but my video was not. No idea when/if they are still playing it because no one will answer my email! I’m really really disappointed!

  1. wooooo best day ever!!! So glad I got to take your class and eat fooooood with you! Paleo all the way haha. I’m actually jealous you can eat all the bread without feeling in pain. Cannnnot wait to see you again! Ok I love you and that’s all that matters.

    1. My boyfriend loved the slushie! I gave him the rest of mine but it just didn’t taste like the diet taste I love. Saying that is sad, that I love the taste of diet chemicals haha

  2. I have never met a paleo baked anything that I’ve liked so far…kinda like gluten free baked stuff…no thank you! I’m sad that slurp was bad, I was rooting for it to be awesome. I lovvvvve soggy crackers also. and OMG that bagel looks amazing!

    1. I’m not sure I’ve had a gluten free pastry before but yeah… pastries with no grains = no bueno. Just not meant to be. So glad I have someone else who loves soggy crackers!! 🙂

  3. I need to try that cream cheese!!! Also Hu Kitchen has been on my “list.” I definitely want to come try one of your spin classes! You don’t need to be a member at the gyms that you work at?

    1. For my sunday 10:30 AM class at 24 hour fitness i can bring you as my guest! Let me know when you want to come! I won’t be teaching the 16th because of the NYC half that I am still completely unready to run haha

      1. That would be awesome- March is a little crazy so how about in April!? I will be there volunteering and cheering you on at the half! You will be fine!!! This weather has been rough on everyone- so ready for spring!

  4. I was home sick and was watching Dr. OZ and was super excited that you were going to be on since I am never home to watch his show….then I didn’t see you so I figured I just missed it……that is a bummer that it did not show!!! Hope they use your clip on another show… it was fun at the show 🙂

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