Birthday Party

Hi my favorite people! I feel like I’ve started so many posts off by saying how busy my week has been but again, it was. I picked up extra classes this week so I taught 7 classes within 4 days. So. Tired. I also had some meetings and of course, long days at work so I am beat. The only thing keeping me going is a fun weekend ahead with my mom and friend Amanda coming to visit for my birthday weekend!

Last weekend my good friend Sharde that I work with threw me an amazing birthday party at a karaoke lounge. We had such a blast and I’m still recovering from it days later 😉 I haven’t gone out in so long so it kicked my butt! A bunch of my co-workers and of course Brenda, John and my good friend Alyse all came and we sang our hearts out. So many great pictures from that night I have to share.

photo 1(2)photo 4(3)photo 5photo 3photo 4(2)photo 3photo 2

Such a fabulous night! My real birthday is this Saturday the 29th. Hoping that 26 brings me a year of success! 🙂

What was your best age or birthday party?

14 thoughts on “Birthday Party”

    1. Thankkkk you!! My legs are tree stumps that could drop kick a 400 lb man, pretty proud of them 😉 LOL wish you were thereeee! I am really feeling this is my year! Even though 26 is so olddddd!

  1. Your energy level always amazes me and then I realize….damn, she is nearly 21 years younger than me. no wonder I’m tired after I read all that you do! keep it up girl, I live vicariously through you 🙂

    1. OMG it may come off like i have a ton of energy but you will never meet someone more tired than me! lol I struggle all day at work with being miserably exhausted. But the fun things like teaching spin and karaoke give me a little bit of life 😉 I’m in bed by 9 most nights and prefer that!

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