Deliciousness + A Lot of Spin

How is it already Thursday?! This week has FLOWN by because I have taught Spin every single day since last Friday! It’s been a crazy non-stop week, that’s for sure. I welcomed today’s rest day with open arms and sadly one extremely sore and pained hip and glute 😦 I need to spend a lot of time foam rolling the next few nights before the More/Fitness Half Marathon on Sunday that I’m obviously ill-prepared for. Brenda and I ran for 1 hour and 25 minutes last Sunday before my spin class and I was seriously dead the last 15 minutes. Where am I supposed to fit running in when I’m teaching spin so many mornings?! So many things are up in the air right now and I’m hoping to have it figured out by next month and hopefully that includes a bigΒ change. πŸ™‚

Backing up to last weekend because it was so awesome, on Sunday after my long run and Spin class, I met up with my good friend Alyse and her awesome roommate and other friends that I love for a belated birthday brunch. Alyse is the sweetest! She took me to ABV which has my favorite eggs benedict in the world and amazing iced coffee; pretty much my two favorites.Β photo 1

The hash browns take it to a whole new level. A whole new level of caloric insanity, I’m sure πŸ˜‰

After brunch we stopped by Dough Loco, a doughnut joint that Alyse had told us about that we had to stop at. No one else really had room for a doughnut the size of their head except me, and I’ll blame that on the fact that I did almost 3 hours of cardio before hand. So, a blueberry doughnut was part of my refueling, natch.Β photo 2


We hung out at Alyse’s apartment for awhile before John and I split to hang out down in the East Village for awhile before his belated birthday dinner. We went to Brindle Room because it’s John’s favorite and the food is so delicious. We had beer battered pork belly for an appetizer and it was ridiculous. So, so good. photo 4

I had the happy hour $5 mussels and fries for dinner because… $5. And they are GOOD. photo 5

Followed up with froyo at a new-to-me place that I am now obsessed with and thankful it’s so far downtown I won’t be running there more than once on the weekends, Yooglers. So many awesome flavors and SO.MANY.TOPPINGS. HELLO, POPTARTS AS A TOPPING!!!!

photo 3

AND oatmeal squares, aka my favorite cereal but it’s $8 a box here so I never buy it?! Actual heaven.

Included in that weekend was teaching spin Friday morning, Saturday morning, Sunday morning (+8 mile run), then bright and early Monday morning. I also taught Monday night and came home to a great dinner late Monday night. I needed some healthy grub after all the junk from Sunday!Β photo 1 (1)

Sweet potato with goat cheese & raspberry preserves, egg whites, baguette with smashed avocado, and my first attempt at a poached egg that I overcooked by… a lot. It was still good! Followed by a bowl of my current cereal obsession, strawberry frosted mini wheats with vanilla almond milk.Β photo 1 (2)

Tuesday morning after I taught spin, I came home to finally take a glorious nap and try to regain some energy. Around 2 I thought I should probably go try to find some food so I went to a place in my neighborhood I have seen but never had the chance to try. It’s basically a cafe with all kinds of salad, sandwiches, etc and it’s directly across from Columbia hospital. The food is SO fresh and much more affordable than places in midtown! I got a turkey sandwich on this delicious tomato foccacia bread and a huge feta salad.Β photo 4 (1)

photo 5 (1)

So good.

And my healthy dessert I’ve been having every night this week with no guilt:Β photo 4 (2)Β Even if you don’t have an allergy to dairy, these are worth eating. So Delicious brand coconut almond bars for 170 calories each, topped with vanilla almond butter. Of course the almond butter is optional but… not really. πŸ˜‰ They have the exact consistency of real ice cream but only 10 grams of sugar which is really good for a dessert. They are a little pricey but worth it if you can’t eat the real deal!

And finally last night, I taught back-to-back spin classes which is only the 2nd time I’ve ever done it. I must say, teaching twice in a day isn’t bad when it’s spread out but back to back is pretty brutal. By the end, I was light headed and was completely depleted of everything!Β photo 2 (3)

I ate a banana right away then a quick protein shake and some Popchips with 1/2 an avocado for dinner. Not even remotely fancy when trying to prepare dinner at 9 PM and SVU is about to start! Did anyone watch last night? I am so happy that guy finally offed himself. He was so creepy.

How has your week been with workouts and food? My sweet tooth has been off the charts lately, woops.

15 thoughts on “Deliciousness + A Lot of Spin”

  1. poptarts on fro-yo?! OK we are GOING there the next time I come to visit. That freakin donut looks amaze, and I totally thought it was a red velvet one at first. I have been eating so many sweets this week (oops paleo), and my stomach has been hurting me so badly wahhhhh

    1. Any chance you’re PMSing, too? I totally am and the only thing I wanted to eat the first few days of this week were sugar everything!! Ugh the poptart topping changed my life! We are definitely goinggggggggggg

  2. Dude. Do I need to send you some oatmeal squares? That’s nuts.

    Discovered Dunkin’s chocolate coconut donut and now I’m done for in the sweets department. 😬

    1. YES. Send oatmeal squares, STAT. Isn’t it insane how expensive they are!? Next time I go upstate I need to remember to buy a box and put them in a big ziplock bag! Chocolate coconut donut sounds soooooo good πŸ™‚

  3. I love oatmeal squares, so addictive. And they are expensive here in Israel too, but then everything imported is disproportionally expensive.
    I had a weird week in terms of training and nutrition, I’ve been tired and took a could of days off, but feeling back to normal now.

    1. Those few days off obviously really helped!! It’s great that you listened to your body and gave it rest! πŸ™‚

    1. Yesss doughnut plant is good, but this place was better! I’m not a huge doughnut fan as it is because theres always that very distinct doughnut taste, but this one was reallllly good!

  4. OMG so much food porn! My brain has a hard time processing all the yummyness! We have a Yogurtland just down the road but I NEVER get froyo even though I love it. Whenever I see those froyo photos I think, “I should go get some of that!” But then I don’t because I’m the crazy person who packs the yogurt down into the giant cup and puts toppings in the middle and all over the top. But still, those Poptarts look really good as a froyo topping!

    1. If you love froyo you should definitely get yourself some froyo from time to time, girl! I am a toppings freak much more than I like the actual froyo haha

    1. Skinny Cow’s are definitely meh.. there are a few that are good but since they are dairy they kill me! I am sooo obsessed with STRAWBERRY frosted mini wheats!! yummmmmy!

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